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Sem. 1, Part 2

Final Exam--Asian Empires/Religions Study Guide

Moses The Ten Commandments are a set of laws that the Jews believe God gave them through ____________.
dharma in Hinduism, the religious and moreal duties of an individual are referred to as ___________.
Daoism The philosophy of _________ is concerned with living in harmony with nature.
Great Wall She Huangdi ordered the construction of the ____ to keep out invaders from the north.
Song The compass and gunpowder were developed during the _____ dynasty.
Brahman Hindus believe that the ultimate goal of existence is achieving moksha, or the union with _______.
Asoka The Mauryan emperor who converted to Buddhism and vowed to rule by moral example was ________.
Zhou According to the Mandate of Heaven that developed during the __________ dynasty, the gods would end their support for a weak or corrupt ruler.
oracle bones Some of the oldest examples of Chinese writing were left by Shang priests on _________________.
Muhammad the prophet of Islam, received revelations from Gabriel
Islam split into two groups, the Sunni and Shi'a
samurai the knights of Medieval Japan were known as ___________.
Genghis Khan created the largest land based empire ever created. He led the fierce, nomadic Mongols to conquer China to Russia.
Marco Polo the Italian who gained power within Kublai Khan's dynasty in China, writing a book describing his life in the emperor's court
Tang block printing was created during this dynasty
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