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Ancient China flashcards

What was the earliest example of Chinese writing? Oracle bones
What is the name of the characters used in Chinese writing? Pictographs and ideographs
What inventions allowed soldiers to fight on horseback? Saddle and stirrup
Name a Chinese invention in the field of medicine. Acupuncture
What are civil service examinations? A system of filling government posts based on high test scores
Over what valley did the Shang dynasty rule? Huang He Valley
What was the Mandate of Heaven? A heavenly law that gave the Zhou King the power to rule.
Could a Zhou King be overthrown? Yes.
Who could overthrow a Zhou King? The people.
Why would a Zhou King be overthrown? If the king was bad and brought bad fortune on his kingdom.
Bronze casting is the most known art form of what Chinese dynasty? Shang
What was the first capital of the Shang dynasty? Anyang
What was the Period of the Warring States? A period of violence that made people look for ways to restore order.
How much of China's land was useful for farming? 1/10
How did farmers pay aristocrats to live on (become tenants) and use their land? By giving a landlord a portion of their crops.
What are the main beliefs of Legalism? Humans are naturally evil and needed a strong ruler, harsh laws and strict punishments.
Who was the founder of Legalism? Hanfeizi
What are the main beliefs of Daoism? Promote a peaceful society by giving up worldly desires, turn to nature and the Dao (the Way)
Who was the founder of Daoism? Laozi
What are the main beliefs of Confucianism? People should put the needs of their family and community first in order to have peace in their society.
Who was the founder of Confucianism? Confucius
Define filial piety. The practice that requires children to respect their parents and older relatives. It is the relationship between father and son.
What is the silk road? A large network of trade routes stretching 4,000 miles from western China to southwest Asia
What items were sent out of China by the Silk Road? Silk, spices, tea, and porcelain
Who built the Silk Road? The Han dynasty
What did censors do? They made sure that government officials did their jobs.
Define warlords. Military leaders had their own armies
Why were the people of early China isolated from other civilizations? They were bound by the Pacific Ocean in the east, Gobi Desert in the north and Himalayas in the Southwest.
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