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Sem. 1 Part 1

Pre-History/Early Civilizations

ziggurats great temples built by the Sumerians
cuneiform written language of the Sumerians
homo erectus first hominid group to use fire
food The Neolithic Revolution caused a surplus of _____ that led to more leisure time.
empire A ruler who conquered many cities and villages created an ________.
Lucy Donald Johanson named the skeleton that he discovered ______.
river valleys Unlike the first civilizations in Africa and Asia, the first American civilizations developed away from ________________.
Phoenicians One of the earliest seafaring civilizations that transferred their alphabet to the Greeks, created colonies throughout the Mediterranean, and traded blue dye and glassware
Hammurabi's Code Important because it was the first time that a state's laws were put down in writing.
Iron important to the ancient world, namely to the Hittites, because it could be made into harder, sharper weapons.
Great Pyramids built during Egypt's Old Kingdom
horse-drawn war chariots new technology that the Hyksos invaders used against Egypt
monotheistic--one all powerful God How did the beliefs of the Israelites differ from those of most nearby peoples?
Sumer the first civilizations developed between the Tigris and Euphrates in ______
Zoroaster The Persian thinker ___________ spread the idea of monotheism that had a heaven, hell, and judgment.
Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa two planned cities of the Indus Valley
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