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LD AP World II 21/22

LD AP World II Chapter 21 & 22 - Questions & Answers

What did he colonial wars of the eighteenth century trigger? Fiscal crisises in Britain and France
What was the Enlightenment? Intellectual movement - methods and questions of scientific revolution were applied
What ideas did John Locke argue? Individual rights are the foundation of civil government
One of Rousseau's most radical ideas was that government should do what? Authority rested on the consent of the governed
How did Monarchs such as Catherine the Great of Russia and Frederick the Great of Prussia respond to the Enlightenment? Actively sponsored and promoted the dissemination of new ideas
In 1793, the French hired Nicholas-Jacques Conte to do what? Develop graphite for use in pencil
The Enlightenment's intellectual ferment most deeply influenced what social class? Middle class
Benjamin Franklin was an example to European intellectuals that America was doing what? Vast potential of America
What two related problems did the British face after defeating the French in 1763? Limiting settlement in amerindian lands and imposing taxes
The Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act of 1774 were intended to? Limit the Expansion of the West
The Stamp Act of 1765 required that colonists pay a tax on? Nearly all printed material
Which 1770 event radicalized public opinion throughout the American colonies? Boston Massacre
Before 1775, what tactics did the European colonial settlers use to respond to British policies? Declaring war on Britain
Common Sense, the pamphlet that stirred up anti-British sentiment on the eve of the American Revolution, was written by? Thomas Paine
The Battle of Saratoga in 1777 was crucial because it? Brought the French into the new world
At Yorktown, the British General Cornwallis did what? Surrendered
The Constitutional Convention of 1787 is called "the Second American Revolution" because The delegates pushed aside the announced purpose and in secret wrote a new constitution
In the Constitution, why were slaves counted as three-fifths of a person? To give southern states more reps
The Constituion allowed the slave trade to continue until what year? 1808
Under which state Constitution were women and African-Americans eligible to vote until 1807? New Jersey
What were causes of the French Revolution? What type of government was formed afterwards? Poverty, hunger, high taxes; constitutional monarchy
What happened to King Louis XVI as a result of the French Revolution? Beheaded
In 1787, King Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates General, the French national legislature, because The French elite would not consent to new taxes
Which French Estate declared itself to be the National Assembly? 3rd Estate
As economic depression, hunger and high bread prices combined in 1789, how did a Parisian crowd react? Attacked the bastille
When the Parisian crowd marched to Versailles, it demanded what? Invade the palace
The Jacobin members of the National Convention were Middle Class Democrats
Napoleon became Europe's first popular dictator because he Promised order to an exhausted society
Napoleon won the support of the peasantry and the middle class by Promised order once and for all
Despite the dominance of the French military, the British defeated Napoleon's navy in 1805 at Battle of Trafalgar
Napoleon's invasion of __________ led to his decline. Belgium
After his escape from Elba, Napoleon was defeated at At Waterloo
Saint Domingue was most important to France because Responsible for 1/3 of all foreign trade
Who was Fran├žois Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverature? What did he do that made him famous? Slave who lead rebellion - captured to france and died in prison
The central objective of the Congress of Vienna was "Holy Alliance" of countries
In 1830, Greece won its independence from the Ottomans
Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the population grew because of Reliable food supplies and widespread resistance to disease
The result of the 19th century population explosion in Europe was From the country to the city
What new crop became an important aspect of the Agricultural Revolution? Potato
The Agricultural Revolution was a change in farming methods and crops that resulted in Rich farmers "enclosing" their lands and poor farmers becoming landless
What new forms of energy were important for industrialization? Steam engine and electricity
What does it mean to use a "division of labor" in manufacturing? Dividing work into specialized and repetitive tasks
What new inventions were developed to weave cotton textiles? The spinning jenny and the water frame
Iron production was transformed by Abraham Darby's discovery that Coke could be used in place of charcoal in the smelting process
The most revolutionary invention of the Industrial Revolution was James Watt's Steam Engine
European industries such as iron, construction, and machinery were stimulated by First building a railroad network
The most obvious change in rural life during the industrial revolution was The appearance of new canals, roads, and railroads
How were children factory workers treated? worked 14-16 hours a day and were beaten to stay awake
Who and how did the cotton boom affect? Enriched planters as well as manufacturers and created a high demand for slaves
Thomas Malthus's explanation of workers' misfortunes was that Overpopulation; poor should abstain from sex
Factory Act 1833 No children less than nine years old
Mines Act No children or women
What invention revolutionized communication during the Industrial Revolution? Telegraph
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