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History Final

The Atlantic World

What was the main economic activity in New France? building a fur trade
Who conquered the Aztec empire? Hernando Cortez
Why did European see Africans as better source of labor than Native Americans? Africans had built up immunities to European disease, they already had prior experience in agriculture, and they had no where to run to
What was the purpose of most of the joint-stock companies of the 1500's and 1600's? Funding colonies in the America
Where in the Americas did Christopher Columbus land first? an island in the Caribbean Sea
What did the encomiunda system provide for New Spain? a cheap labor source
What prompted a wave of new business and trade practices in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries? new wealth from the Americas and the growth in overseas trade
Which European country was the first to import enslaved Africans to the Americas? Spain
As part of the Columbian Exchange, which of the following was carried west across the Atlantic? livestock
Which of the following areas was originally founded as a settlement by the Dutch? New York
Created by: Alisha B.