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Church History

The first Christians were originally members of________? Judaism
The first Christians initially met at ______ to celebrate the Eucharist. Houses
Name the three big sins. Adultery, Murder, and Apostasy
Why were the three big sins so "terrible"? They distanced themselves from the community and God.
What were the three sacraments that made a full member of the Christian Community? Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist
Distinguish between a martyr and a Confessor. A martyr died for the faith while a confessor did not, but was still persecuted.
To show the Christians there was going to be Eucharist what symbol/drawing was used? Fish/*christian fish symbol*
The fish symbol was an acronym, write it in Greek. ICHTHYS
Catacombs in Rome were originally used for ____ but once persecutions started, the Christians used them for _______. Burial/living spaces, church, etc.
The Holy Day or usual day of worship for the Christians was ______, also name one of the two days they fasted and did penance:___________. Sunday/Wednesday and Friday
Explain why Rome became the most important center for Christians. It's where the first Pope was crucified and buried.
Why were the early Christians persecuted by the Roman emperors? For land, money, and to keep control
Name at least two accusations brought against the Christians during the persecutions. They were cannibals and practiced dark magic.
What was Nero's motivation in setting fire to Rome? To make room to expand his palace.
How was Vox populi used to persecute the Christians? The Roman people would attack Christians instead of the Roman authorities.
What does ad metalla mean and how was it deadly for the Christians? To the mines. It was hard work in poor conditions with bad food and inadequate air.
How did Hadrian's rescript improve the situation for the early Christians? It made it so that as long as they followed the law, they couldn't be persecuted.
In hoc signio vinces means? In this sign you shall conquer.
What sign was in hoc signio? Where was it put? The cross and it was put on the shields of Constantine's army.
What did in hoc signio bring about for Constantine? Victory over the enemy.
What significance did the Edict of Milan have for the Christians? It not only made Christianity legal but also the State religion.
The end result of the persecutions wasn't merely many died Christians but… It strengthened the early Church by going through these hardships.
Orthodoxy means A true teaching
Heresy means A false teaching
What is Gnosticism Heavily focused on the mind and spirit. Flesh wasn't real.
Manichaeism That there was only light and dark
Arianism That Jesus was a super human but not divine
What is a Church Father? Someone who helped lead the Church in very troubled times
What is an Ecumenical Council? A gathering of Bishops to decide what direction the a Church should go.
What does the term "Theotokos" mean and to whom does it refer? "God bearer" in reference to Mary
The Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible is the work of St._______ Jerome
This work describes St. Augustine of Hippo rather dramatic conversation story… The Confessions of St. Augustine
What is a "creed"? A profession of faith
What are the two creeds you are most familiar with? Apostles and Nicene
Why is the Anathanasian Creed not used? It starts with a curse for non believers
The words "anathema sit" are Greek for… "May you be damned"
One of the early French missionaries martyred by the Iroquois was______ Isaac Jocques
While one may think the 1st Catholic parish would be near the Capital, it's St.________ in _________ (state). Augustine/Florida
The 1st diocese in the USA was located in the city of________. Baltimore
What university is the oldest Catholic University in the USA? Georgetown
This was a false account of the life of a nun written by Protestant ministers used to defame the Church: The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk
When laymen take control of parish property and control where churches are built, this is called________ Laytrusteism
Know Nothing movement worked on the premise of exclusion of________ and ________ Catholics/foreigners
The Republicans dubbed the Democratic Party of the 1880s as the party of Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion. That meant the Dem. Party stood for Anti prohibition, Catholicism, and
Who especially as immigrants wanted to retain their language and stuff? Germans
Which Church leader was instrumental for preserving good relations between Church and Labor Unions? Cardinal Gibbins
Who was the 1st Catholic to run for President of the USA? Al Smith
Who was the first to be elected President? JFK
Who were the founders of the Catholic Worker Movement? Dorothy Day/Peter Maurin
This Papal encyclical of Paul VI was widely ignored by Amer. Catholics? Humanae Vitae
Name two conditions that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century. Over expansion and invasion by the Goths
Ulphilas was instrumental in converting the tribes to Christianity. What did he do? He translated the Bible into Germanic
Name the three effects of monasteries had on Europe. Evangelizing rural society, intellectual knowledge, and civilizing the Goths
Who was the father of Western Monasticism? St. Benedict
How did the Germanic invasions change the Christian attitude in the 5th century? Christians believed that theirs sins had caught up with them and the world was now going to end.
What are the chief qualities that lend the Rule of Benedict to harmonious religious life? Peace, love, and moderation
What are the three vows taken by the Benedictine monks? Obedience, chastity, and poverty
What title did Pope St. Gregory use during his papacy that is still used by the Pope? Servant of Servants of God
Who is the founder of Islam? Mohammad
Who is the common ancestor of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Abraham
Name and explain four of the five pillars of Islam. Alms: pay a tax for the poor Pilgrimage: Travel to Mecca if possible Fasting: during Ramadan, only eat at night Prayer: pray five times a day
What religious significance does Jerusalem hold in Islam? It is where Mohammad met the prophets before ascending to heaven
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