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Fall Final 2015

Review Questions for the Fall Final

What are the imaginary lines that measure distances (hint: they each start with L)? Longitude and Latitude
What are the two types of projections on a map? What is the difference between the two? Do they each show distortion? Mercator and Robinson. Robinson has correct size but not shape, Mercator has correct shape but not size. Both show distortion.
What items might a political map show? Boundaries, Cities, Capitals
What are the parts of a map? Key, locator, scale, compass rose, title
What kind of map shows natural features? Physical Map
What is the name for a map maker? Cartographer
What is history? The study of past events.
What kind of scientist studies things left behind? Archaeologist
What technique helps date artifacts? Carbon dating.
Do all living things contain carbon? Yes
What does Homo Sapiens really mean? Wise
How do pottery pieces help archaeologists? Helps date a civilization.
What metal (an alloy) was found to be stronger than copper? Bronze
What do we call two metals melted together? An alloy.
Are there more structures like Stonehenge? How many? Yes, 900
What are examples of primary resources? Firsthand accounts from people who were there or witnessed the events in question. Examples are diaries, sound recordings, letters, etc.
What is the reason we don’t know about ancient people? They didn’t write anything down
What does Anno Domini mean? Year of our Lord
What is an artifact? Something made for a practical purpose
What is the name that scientists give the “Old Stone Age”? Paleolithic Era
What is the field that studies stone structures? Archeostronomy
Which civilization was the first in Mesopotamia? Sumerians
What does Mesopotamia mean? Land between rivers.
Which two rivers were in Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
What was the most important Sumerian invention? Writing/Cuneiform
Which Babylonian leader collected a “code”? Hammurabi
What was so special about Hammurabi's Code? Carved into stone so everyone could read it and so that it couldn’t be changed. This made it fair for all people.
What were the Phoenicians known for? Why? Sailing because they had a lot of cedar trees.
What did the Phoenicians trade? Cloth, Glass, Wood and metal
Who was the first Hebrew leader? Who led them out of Egypt? Abraham/Moses
What is the Hebrew religion called? Judaism
What made the Assyrians so tough? They used iron weapons.
How did they organize their army? Chariots, Cavalry, and Archers
What did other civilizations do, to avoid fighting the Assyrians They paid tributes.
How did empires usually control their territory? They divided them into provinces and had governors oversee each province.
What connected ancient empires? Roads
What innovation made doing business in Persia much easier? Standard use of weights, measurements and money or coins
Where does the Nile begin? What direction does it flow? Central Africa/North
Where does the Nile begin? What direction does it flow? Central Africa/North
How long is the Nile? What is the area near the Mediterranean called? What shape is it? 4000 Miles, Delta, Triangle
What are Egyptian rulers called? What did they control? Did they rule after death? Pharaohs, Sun and River, The people thought they ruled after death
What is the Rosetta Stone? Who found it? Translator for Hieroglyphics/ Napoleon’s Army
How many pyramids are still left? 75
What was the name of the Egyptian sun god? Ra
What was the name of the Egyptian river god? Hapi
What was different about the Old and Middle Kingdoms? Pharaohs shared power with the people, all Egyptians were mummified, and pharaohs were all buried in Thebes
Who was the first female Pharaoh? Hatshepsut
What Pharaoh spread Egypt’s influence? Thuthmose
How many consecutive years did Thuthmose win victories? 20
What were the gifts from the Egyptians, that we still use today? Papyrus/Medicine/Temple Designs/Arithmetic/Art Work
Who was the first pharaoh of Egypt? Menes
How did Pharaoh Menes die? Mauled by a hippo.
Who was the first Pharaoh to build a pyramid? Djoser
What were the payment methods for Egyptian pyramid workers? Food, Beer, Tax Breaks
How many tombs did most Pharaohs have in their pyramids? 2
Why didn’t the Egyptians use wheels to transport the heavy blocks? Sand made it tough pull 5000 pound blocks on/They used sleds
What countries did Egypt loot from? Nubia/Libya/Sinai
In what way did the Egyptians punish Nubia? Burning crops, Enslaving women and children, poisoning their wells.
What tribe invaded Egypt from the North The Hyksos
Who was the first female Pharaoh? Hatsepsut
Which god did Ahmenhotep make the most powerful god? Aton
Why was the temple at Abu Simbel moved? A lake threatened to flood it.
What was different about the statues of Nefertari? She was the first woman to be depicted in the same height as a Pharaoh (Ramses).
What are the dimensions of Cheops’ Great Pyramid? 480' x 750'
Where was the great pyramid built? Giza
What is another name for Cheops? Khufu
How many laborers were estimated to have helped build the great pyramid? 100,000
Where did the article state that an “American” pyramid should be built? Salome, AZ
Gauche Socially awkward
Lexicon The vocabulary of someone's language.
Apex The top or the highest point.
Globe A model of the world.
Hemisphere Any half of the world.
Equator An imaginary line that divides the earth in northern and southern hemispheres.
HIstorian Those who read, write and study history.
Hominids Includes homo-erectus, humans, and our closest relatives.
Neanderthals Close relatives to humans, believed to have lived in the Ice Age.
Paleolithic Era Old Stone Age
Ziggurat A pyramid shaped temple.
Famine A time of scarcity of food.
Smelt To extract metal from ore.
Tribute A tax paid to a conquering nation.
Stela A stone slab or column bearing a commemorative inscription.
Yahweh The Hebrew God.
Cavalry Soldiers on horseback.
Constellation A group of stars forming a recognizable pattern.
Province A division of countries or Empires
a. In Madagascar, what are structures, similar to Stonehenge, built to honor? The dead.
What does Stonehenge align with, on Summer Solstice? The rising sun.
What did the ancient people, near Stonehenge, do with their dead? They cremated their remains.
How did the ancients builders of Stonehenge put the stones in place? By dropping them into large holes.
What are the conditions needed for life? Atmosphere and liquid water
What is the rarest and most valuable material in the days of early trading? Tin
In military terms, what is a “conscript”? A farmer called up to arms.
What group was responsible for conquering several Mediterranean empires? The Sea People
What is the fourth most common mineral in the Earth’s crust? Iron
What “new way of fighting” do the Greeks use? The phalanx
What technology, created in 200 B.C., is crucial to Chinese success? Mass production
What invention helps the Phoenicians become great sailors? The keel.
What resource helps the Phoenicians create the best boats Lots of cedar trees
What does Ahmose mean in Hebrew? Brother of Moses
What other people might be confused with the Hyksos? The Hebrews
Which volcanic eruption might also be another “crucial clue” to the story of The Exodus? Santorini
The video states that the Sea “Yam Suf” is really which Sea? Reed Sea
What should exist to prove that they were really at Mount Sinai? Natural Amphitheater/Grave Sites/Natural Spring
Created by: Boone555