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CMS6-Unit 7 Vocab

CMS6-Unit 7 Vocabulary Review

Simón Bolívar A statesman from Venezuela who led a revolt against Spanish rule in the Latin American colonies. In 1825 he founded the nation of Bolivia.
Columbian Exchange A period of exchange between the Old and the New Worlds. These exchanges included ideas, knowledge, food, animals, and people. As more Europeans came to Latin America, however, local populations fell into decline due to diseases introduced from Europe.
Columbian Exchange (II) The Spanish introduced Christianity to Latin America and established missions to convert native peoples. They also introduced the horse, which changed trade in the “New World.” The exchange also led to new foods and farming methods in Europe.
Miguel Hidalgo A Catholic priest who helped to lead the Mexican War of Independence. He met defeat at the Battle of Calderón Bridge and was taken captive and executed.
Toussaint L’Ouverture A former slave who organized a slave rebellion in the French colony of Haiti.
Slavery A situation in which one person is the property of another. One aspect of the Columbian Exchange was the enslavement of African men and women, who were then sold into forced labor in North and South America where they worked on large plantations.
Spanish and Portuguese influence When the Spanish and Portuguese conquered parts of Latin America, their languages became dominant, and Christianity, mostly Catholicism, replaced or blended with native religions.
Created by: jpkelley