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Canada Favor Adetoy

Hudson Bay this river is a major shipping route. The Seaway built connecting all the lakes together to the river uses canals and locks to link the Great Lakes to the Atlantic ocean.
St. Lawrence River This large body of water after an English explorer
Atlantic Ocean This is the ocean that is located to the east of Canada
Pacific Ocean This is the ocean that is located to the west of Canada
Great Lakes These waterways are shared by the U.S. and Canada. They include Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior
Rocky Mnts. Large mountain chain in Western Canada
Province Apolitical division that is similar to a state in the US
Acid Rain When pollutants mix with various forms of precipitation
Deforestation Clear-cutting forest
Canadian Shield This region surrounds Hudson Bay
Arctic Ocean The ocean north of Canada
Inuit The native American tribe located in Canada that was granted Nunavut by the Canadian government. They have a traditional economic system.
Francophone A french speaking person in Quebec
Dominion Another name for a self-governing area. Canada was allowed to become this through a series of peaceful treaties with the UK
Quebec The French-speaking province in Canada that wants independent
Christain The main religion in Canada
Catholic The form of Christianity practiced in the French province of Quebec
French and English The two official languages of Canada
Political Cartoon A cartoon that uses symbols and pictures make a statement about a current event or political issue
Federal Central and local share power. This is type of power structure Canada has because its provinces share power with the central government.
Democracy Citizens can vote for government leaders
Parlimentary Democracy A type of democracy where the legislative body selects the head of government
Prime Minister The title of the head of government in Canada
Queen The title of the head of state in Canada
Constitutional Monarchy A type of government that has a king/queen with limited powers
Governor General The person who is the queen's voice in former colonies
Mixed Economy The trade agreement that allows the US and Canada to trade without tarrifs
NAFTA Type of economic system in Canada
Tradidtonal Type of economic system used by native Inuit
Created by: Favor Adetoye