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world history

JJ's 10th grade study stack

Montesquieu's ideas influenced the American framers of the Constitution.
The greatest figure of the Enlightenment was the prolific writer Francois - Marie Arouet, know simply as Voltaire.
This separation of powers structure gives the greatest freedom and security for the state.
Voltaire wrote pamphlets, plays, novels, letters, essays, and histories.
Voltaire was best known for his criticism of Christianity and his belief in religious toleration.
Voltaire championed deism, an eighteenth-century religious philosophy based on reason and natural law.
Deists believe the world is like a clock that God created and set according to his natural laws, and then let run without his intervention.
Denis Diderot's most important contribution to the Enlightenment was the Encyclopedia, or Classified Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts, and Trades.
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