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7th World SE

Ch. 1-16

Who discovered the St. Lawrence River? Jacques Cartier
Who founded the first permanent French colony in the New World? Samuel de Champlain
Who was the first European to reach the Far East by sea? Vasco da Gama
Who conquered the Inca Indians of Peru? Francisco Pizarro
Who discovered the Pacific Ocean? Vasco de Balboa
River whose name means "that makes fruitful"? Euphrates
King who built the Royal Road? Darius
What revolt began by the peasants of Germany showed they wanted to be free from the tyranny of the church? Peasants' Revolt
The decline of the Middle Ages began when this empire collapsed? Roman
The dates of the Middle Ages were? A.D. 500 - 1500
This stated that Christ made Peter the head of the Catholic church? Petrine Theory
The Egyptian empire reached its greatest extent under? Thutmose III
The first civilization to use writing after the Flood? Sumerians
Hugh Capet's rule marked the beginning of what nation? French (France)
Christopher Columbus's voyages were sponsored by the king and queen of what country? Spain
What year did the Protestant Reformation begin? 1517
In what year did Columbus discover America? 1492
When was the movable type printing press invented? 1440
When was the KJV bible completed? 1611
In what year was the Spanish Armada defeated? 1588
When was the Battle of Hastings? 1066
The Battle of Hastings was also known as? Norman's Conquest
When was the Magna Carta signed? 1215
When were the first Olympic games held? 440
In what year did the Catholic church officially split? 1054
In what country was the first movable type invented? China
Who probably controlled more of the surface of the earth than any other human being in history? Philip II
What religion is a major component of the caste system? Hinduism
What country developed the caste system? India
Who founded the China Inland Mission? J. Hudson Taylor
What peoples defeated the New Babylonian Empire under Belshazzar's rule? Medes and Persians
Who had the entire Bible translated into English for the first time? John Wycliffe
What nation became an important international crossroads for trade? Indonesia
What agreement divided Charlemagne's empire into three parts? Treaty of Verdun
Who was the first Roman Emperor to persecute Christians? Nero
What is the most important of a culture? man's relationship with God
What did the Phoenicians give away as they went on trading ventures? alphabet
Who is credited with creating the Iliad and the Odyssey? Homer
What resulted from the Roman persecution of Christians? Christianity grew stronger
What set the stage for a rebuilt Roman Empire jointly ruled by pope and emperor? donation of Pepin (Papal States)
What Maurya ruler controlled over two thirds of the Indian subcontinents? Asoka
Who declared Martin Luther a heretic at Worms? Charles V
Who was king during the Eleven Year's Tyranny? Charles I
Who was the king during the Glorious Revolution? William III
Who was king during the Model Parliament? Edward I
Who was the first king of England? Alfred
Who was king during the English Reformation? Henry VIII
How do religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shinto affect the countries that practice them? hinders progress, destroys personal freedom
How did Martin Luther's acts influence the Protestant Reformation? brought reforms in education, church services and music
What is the biggest difference between Islam and Christianity? Islam rejects Jesus Christ as the Son of God
How did God use the Greek and early Roman Empires to prepare the world for Jesus Christ? development of languages, spreading of gospel, philosophies searched for the truth
What prompted the people of England to settle the New World? desire for individual freedom and responsibility
What intellectual movement lifted the darkness of the Middle Ages? Renaissance
What religious organization held to the philosophy that "the end justifies the means"? Jesuits
Which crusade captured Asia Minor and Jerusalem? First
What was the name given to the stone that Jean Francis Champollion used to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics? Rosetta Stone
Where did God confuse the languages? Babel
What Austrian family ruled as Holy Roman Emperors for almost 300 years? Hapsburgs
What is the way of life based upon the ownership and use of land? feudalism
What nation was the first to have a complete written account of its history? Israel
What is the oldest surviving religion of Japan? Shinto
Who was the first man to realize that Columbus had discovered a new continent? Amerigo Vespucci
Who was the first European to travel the length of Asia? Marco Polo
What is the world's longest fortification? Great Wall of China
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