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_______________ was located in the United States. Mississippians
Mississippians used canoes called ______________ to help increase trade on the rivers. dugouts
_____________________ is the great mound found 30 miles East of Cinncinatti, Ohio. The Great Serpent Mound
Mississippian mounds were large burial mounds for the _____________ people of the chiefdom. elite or important
Where were the commoners buried in the Mississippian culture? They were buried near their homes or in a mound with many other commoners.
What years did the Mississippian civilization live? 800-1600AD
The Mayans were located in _____________________. Central America
What years did the Maya civilization live? 400-1517 AD
Why did the Maya dismember humans for sacrifice towards the end of their civilizations decline? They did this to try to appease the gods and bring more rain because they were in a major drought and their crops were dying.
The Maya were known for the __________ calendar which is very similar to the calendar we have today. 365
The Maya discovered _______________ which would lead to the creation of chocolate. cacao beans
The Maya civilization was abandoned and this is a MYSTERY, but archeologist have found some artifacts and theorized as to why they disappeared. What are the four theories? warfare, famine, drought, disease
The Aztec civilization was located in modern day ________________ Mexico
The Aztec lived in swampy marshes, so in order for them to farm, they built ___________ which are also known as floating gardens. chinampas
_____________ killed the king and the empire began to fall. Cortez
Aztec developed the idea of children going to _____________ all day. school
The Aztec religion sacrificed humans by having priests rip out their _______________ while they were still beating. hearts
________________ was the disease brought over by the Spaniards that killed thousands of Aztecs. smallpox
What years did the Aztecs civilization live? 1200-1521 AD
Where was the Inca civilization located? South America (Chile)
What years did the Inca civilization live? 1200-1571 AD
Inca built _________ and ditches to help irrigate their crops. terraces
They had a religious practice in which they extended their citizens ______________. skulls
The Inca decline was caused by two things. What are they? Spanish invastion and Civil War
The Inca had a form of monarchy government. What is a monarchy? A government in which the civilization had one overall ruler and the citizens had no say in the decisions being made.
What was the name of the mountain range that the Inca lived? Andes Mountains
The Inca grew _____________ because they could withstand the cold temperatures of the mountains. potatoes
The Inca believed children were pure beings and hence would ______________ them to honor the gods. sacrifice
The Inca had an extensive system of _____________ that connected the entire empire. roads
What two climates did the ancient civilizations deal with? Tropical and Subtropical The Inca had to deal with cold climates because of the elevation of the Andes Mountains. Higher elevation means colder temperatures.
What three crops did most of the civilizations farm? They were called the 3 sisters. Corn, Beans, and Squash
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