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Chapter 16

The World in 1450: Changing Balance of World Power

Zheng He Chinese Muslim admiral who commanded series of Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and Red Sea trade expeditions under third Ming emperor, yunglo, between 1405 and 1433.
Renaissance Cultural and political movement in western Europe; began in Italy c.1400; rested on urban vitality and expanding commerce; featured a literature and art with distinctly more secular priorities than those of the Middle Ages.
Petrarch, Francesco (1304-1374) One of the major literary figures of the Western Renaissance; an Italian author and humanist.
Castile and Aragon Regional kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula; pressed reconquest of peninsula from Muslims and ultimately united under the Spanish monarchy.
Vivaldis Two Genoese brothers who attempted to find a western route to the "Indies"; disappeared in 1291; precursors of thrust into southern Atlantic.
de Gama, Vasco Portuguese captain who sailed for India in 1497; established early Portuguese dominance in Indian Ocean.
Henry the Navigator Portuguese prince responsible for direction of series of expeditions along the African coast in the 15th century; marked the beginning of western European expansion.
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