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SCA #2

Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, & Rome

China created a geography of what in the region? Many separate regions
What type of government controlled China in the beginning of the 21st century? The dynasties
How did Egyptians conquests of Asia in the 18th Dynasty affect religious practices? The Egyptians worshipped their gods along with the Asia gods
Abraham took his people Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean Sea region around 1800 B.C.E., what is this region called now? Israel
How did the India weather patterns contributed to the rise of the Indus River Valley? Rains from the monsoon season will cause rivers to overflow and it would deposit fertile soil on the plains which help in agriculture.
What natural barrier was between India and Asia that separated both countries? The Himalayan Mountains
Who brought the religion of Hinduism to the people of India? Aryan Tribes
What helped the advancement of Sanskrit writing and language in ancient India? The invaders brought Sanskrit writing to India
In the Hindu caste system, who will marry the daughter of a carpet merchant? another merchant or his son
Why was the Silk Road an important trade route to the Chinese? The Chinese and Europeans exchanged goods and resources only in certain areas of trade.
What was that Confucius believed that all government officials had to do before entering into government politics? earn their jobs through education
What were important inventions by the early Chinese people? Gunpowder/fire-workers
The early Chinese used star charts and invented the fish for traveling by sea, what was it? The compass
Kublai Khan adopted Chinese traditions in order to make government easier to run. He even founded his own dynasty called what? The Yuan Dynasty
How did the invention of paper support Chinese learning? Paper was not expensive and it made book easily for the Chinese people
What are some of the inventions that make up ancient China's enduring impact on the world? silk, paper, compass, porcelain
The Zealots were a group of Jew who did what? Rebelled against the Romans
What revelations or book to Muhammad make up the Muslim Bible? The Quran
In contrast to other societies of the time, Muslim women were not allowed to do what? haves rights in marriage, education, and occupational earnings
The god that Muhammed believed in was who? The same god in Judaism and Christianity
Ancient Greece was able to develop a city-state style of government because of what? the mountains kept the Greeks from uniting
*Passed laws, *Elected officials, * decisions of war The responsibility for the factors listed above in the direct democracy of ancient Athens belonged to what? The Assembly
What new type of government developed by the Romans after they rebelled against the Etruscan ruler was what? A Republic
For what purpose did Roman engineers build aqueducts? to carry water into the cities
The Roman Empire contributed what following concept to the world? a professional army
The Greek mathematician that discovered the use of Geometry was who? Euclid
Why was Arabia crisscrossed by many trade routes? It was centrally located to the rest of the know world
The 250 years period of peace in the Roman Empire was called what? Pax Romana
As Alexander the Great conquered lands he did what? He built cities modeled after Greek cities
What best describes Rome and its provinces? Rome provided protection and roads in exchange for food and resources
What changed did Caesar make to the office of consul? he changed the position to a dictatorship and he reduced the power of the Senate
In China, Confucius was a respected what? teacher
The belief that government officials should prove their ability to have their jobs by passing an examination was part of the philosophy of who? Confucius
What was done during the Qin Dynasty era? burning books
The Qin ended the Chinese feudal system by doing what? changing the rules of land ownership
What tradition started with the Shang Dynasty in China? Historical records
What type of government was the Chinese government in ancient times? monarchy
What allowed the Chinese people during the Shang Dynasty to form a government? a large supply of food
Wu Di, the Han emperor, changed the bureaucracy of government by doing what? setting up China's first civil service
How did the Han Dynasty in China respond to the threat of its hostile northern neighbors? By threatening them and demanding a tribute
Under the Han Dynasty, how were government officials selected? the passing of government official examinations
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