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Global Vocab

Matching Word with Description

Apartheid A policy of segregation on grounds of race (South Africa)
Terrace Farming Series of steps cut into a hillside for planting
Domino Theory The idea that countries would fall to communism without the help of the United States
Quipus Inca used colored threads knotted in different ways to record information
Sphere of Influence A country in which another country has power to affect development although it has no formal authority
Archipelago Chain of islands
Mandate of Heaven Heaven granted emperors the right to rule (China)
Interdependence A mutual dependence between countries
Satellite States An independent country that is under heavy political, economic, and military control from another country (Satellite states and Russia)
Totalitarian Government that is dictatorial and requires complete control (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin)
Westernization To adopt Western ideas and culture
Mandate An official order (Mandate of Heaven) order from God
Indulgences Payments made to the medieval church as forgiveness for one's sins
Containment A cold war policy that called for containing communism to areas already under its influence
Agrarian Farming/agriculture
Civil Disobendience Purposeful breaking of laws to protest actions by the government
Schism Split (Roman Empire)
Civil Service Exam An exam in China based on Confucian teachings to select people for jobs in the bureaucracy
Self-Determiniation Refers to human rights (religion, race, equality)
Commune/Collective Farms A government owned farm where peasants work on a quota system
Divine From God
Manorlism Lord's manor during the Middle Ages
Authoritarian Person or government that enforces strict obedience
Famine Starvation
Glasnost and Perostrika More openness in the economy and government of the Soviet Union
Prussia Former independent kingdom and state of Germany
Iron Curtain An imaginary curtain that isolated Eastern Europe from the rest of the world
Reconquista The re-conquest of Spain by the Christians
Hanseatic League Association of guilds in Germany to protect rights
Quarn Islamic holy book
Quota A limited or fixed number
Red Guard Students in China who brutalized anyone who criticized Mao's government
Geocentric Representing the earth as the center of the universe
Dissidents A person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state
Cyrillic Alphabet Passed on to Russia from the Byzantine Empire
Astrolable A device used to determine latitude
Artisan A worker in a skilled trade (pottery/basket weaving)
Caravel A Portuguese ship
Desertification Process by which fertile land becomes desert from over grazing of animals
Absolutism Complete power (kings, queens, emperors)
Diversity Having a variety (as in cultural diversity)
Guild An association of artisans or merchants (basket weavers/potters)
Renaissance Rebirth that occurred in Europe. Rediscovery of the art from Greece and Roman times
Cultural Diffusion Spread of beliefs, social activities, food
Alliance A union formed between countries for their mutual benefit
Divine Right Kings and queens have a God-given right to rule and to rebel against this would be a sin
Isolationism Neutral, no military or political alliance with a world power
Nationalism Pride in one's country
Papacy The office or authority of the pope
Anti-Semitic Prejudice against Jews
Non-alignment Neutral, no military or political alliance with a world power
Detente The easing of hostility strained relations between countries
Diaspora The moving of Jews outside of Israel (could be the moving of other groups as well)
Edicts An official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority
Despot A ruler that holds absolute power
Proclamation A public or official announcement of great importance
Coup A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government
Proletariat Working class
Imperialism Strong country taking over a smaller weaker country for their raw materials
Assimilation Absorbing one cultural group into another (Native American/white men)
Decentralized Away from a single center or location (Greek city-states)
Colonialism The governing influence of a nation over a dependent people (Britain colonizing parts of Africa)
Reparations War debts (Germany after WWl)
Bolsheviks Russians during the revolution
Feudalism Form of government during the Middle Ages (Land in exchange for protection)
Legalism Strict or rigid laws
Subcontinent Large land mass which is a distinguishable part of a continent (India)
Bureaucracy Government
Theocratic Religious
Kristallnacht Night of broken glass (Jewish businesses)
Polis Another name for a city-state in Greece
Encomienda System Spanish legal system where Spanish colonist were granted a piece of land in South America along with the native people who lived on it. The indigenous people were then treated as slaves forced to work the land
Secular Non-religious
Self-sufficiency Able to meet one's own needs
Indigenous Native to a place, orginating there
Market Economy Supply and demand economy
Ethnocentrism The belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group (China/Middle Kingdom)
Laissez-faire A policy of letting things take their own course without interfering (government)
Urbanization People leaving farms to work in the cities during the Industrial Revolution
Bubonic Plaque or Black Death Disease spread in Europe and Asia by fleas
Animism The belief that everything has a spirit
Tribute Payment which is intended to show gratitude or respect
Command Economy Production, investment, prices, and incomes are all determined by the government
Sovereignty A country or states independent right to self-control
Suffrage The right to vote
Primary Source Document or physical object which was written or created during the time period under study
Appeasement Making concessions to an enemy power in order to avoid conflict (Hitler)(Kid and the cookie)
Archaeologist Person that studies human history and prehistory by analyzing artifacts
Traditional Economy Traditions, customs, and beliefs shape the goods and services produced. Generally rural farm-based economies
Bartering Exchange of goods or services without using money
Topography A detailed map of the surface features of the land (mountains, valleys, plains)
Peninsula Land mass surrounded on three sides by water
Bourgeoisie Middle Class
Mercantilism Balance of trade (imperialism, colonialism, mercantilism)
Humanism System of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine matters
Fascist An authoritarian/militaristic nationalist (Hitler, Mussolini)
Sociologist The study of human society
Spatial Data Information about a physical object represented by numerical values in a geographic coordinate system. Think latitude and longitude
Coalition Government Parliamentary government where several political parties cooperate, reducing dominance of any one party
Secessionist Movement Separating from. Example: north and south during the civil war
Semipermanent Less than permanent but with some stability or endurance. Example: hair color
Cultural Bridges Bringing two cultures together. Example: because Korea sits between China and Japan it was considered a cultural bridge
Four Noble Truths Four central beliefs of Buddhism
Koran Islamic Holy Book
Filial Piety In Confucianism it is a respect for one's father, elders, and ancestors
Shah Title given to an emperor, king or lord of an Islamic state
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