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HIST 10 Most Missed

Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian HIST 10 Most Missed Questions - 1st semester

When scientists attempt to date a fossil or artifact that they’ve found, which of the following techniques will they need to use to date it if it is older than about 12,000 years? Thermoluminescence
When scientists attempt to date a fossil or artifact that they’ve found that is between 5,000 and 10,000 years old, which of the following techniques will they need to use? Radiocarbon dating
What does the term "Neolithic Revolution" refer to? The invention of farming techniques at the end of the Paleolithic Era.
List two (2) changes that came about because of the Neolithic Revolution. 1. Early human tribes could settle in one place instead of following a nomadic lifestyle; 2. People were able to eat a better diet, so they were healthier and lived longer.
What are the three (3) things you need to have before you can say you have a "civilization"? 1. Division of Labor; 2. Surplus of Food; 3. Built up cities.
What is one (1) thing that a lot of Greek myths had in them as a part of their story? A hero.
_______________________ describes a system in China where everyone in the family knows their place. Filial Piety.
_____________ means "the government in power". Regime.
The first Roman Emperor was _______________. Octavian.
Which Roman emperor made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire? Constantine.
The person who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer 5 times a day is called a/an _______________________________. Muezzin.
A "struggle in the way of God" is called a/an ___________________________. Jihad.
A "caliph" is a/an ______________________________. "Successor to Muhammad".
Which of the following inventions/ discoveries was made by an Islamic scholar? The astrolabe.
The tower of a mosque is called a/an _____________________________. "Minaret".
What is the name given to the journey of Muhammad from Makkah to Madinah? "Hajj".
What is one (1) of the religions that practices regular meditation? Confucianism.
Briefly explain what the term animism means. The belief that natural features such as rocks, rivers, and mountains, have spirits.
Name one of the specific religions that believes in "animism". Native American religions.
Which religion is the "oldest of the world's major living religions"? Hinduism.
What is one (1) trait of Hinduism? They believe in 100's of gods and goddesses.
Mansa Musa was the leader of _________________________ in Africa. Kingdom of Mali.
List two (2) things that Egyptian traders got from Nubia around 2000 B.C.E. 1 Ivory; 2. ebony.
Created by: sticklerpjpII