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Schleswig Bismarck aligned with Austria in 1864 to seize what from Denmark
Zollverein In the 1800’s, Prussia created this economic union among German states called the__
Realpolitik Bismarck used this political thinking when evaluating the needs of the state.
William I who became the first Kaiser of the Second Reich?
Second Reich In January 1871 the German states united and formed this_____
Kulturkampf Battle for civilization in German
William II Kaiser that asked for Bismarck to step down
Social Democratic Party Had the most seats in the Reichstag before Bismarck implemented policies against it.
Blood and Iron Bismarck wanted Germany to be made by these two things______
Cavour Who was the politician that brought about Italian unification
Garibaldi Nationalist who turned Sicily and Naples to King Emmanuel II
Risorgimento The Italian Nationalist movement was called this______
anarchists Who are the people that want no government at all?
Mazzini Leader of the early stages of the Italian nationalist movement set was ____
Dual Monarchy Austria Hungary was ruled under this_____
Francis Deak __________ helped to set up a dual monarchy by having these two countries reach an agreement
Balkan Powder keg Thanks to nationalist, what was the Ottoman Empires nickname during this time?
Francis Joseph who tried to gain more power by making a new constitution?
Pogrom Violent mob attack on Jews
October manifesto Document issued by Nicholas II that promised freedom of speech and assembly
refugee Person who flees his or her homeland to seek safety elsewhere
Peter Stolypin Prime Minister who sought to regain peasant support through land reform
People's will Revolutionary group that assassinated Alexander II
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