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BI Final

Lessons 13-25

From Exodus 19 through Numbers 9 had what period of time elapsed? 11 months
Before God institutes His law, He reminds Israel of His what? grace
What were the 4 purposes of the law? reveal God's nature, reveal man's sin, restrain the sinner, and lead man to Christ
Commandments 1-4 show what relationship? our relationship with God
Commandments 5-10 show what relationship? our relationship with man
the law of respect and the protection of the family 5- Honour thy father and thy mother
the law of the preservation of God's image and protection of life 6- Thou shalt not kill
the law of purity and protection of marriage 7- Thou shalt not commit adultery
the law of selflessness and protection of the heart 10- Thou shalt not covet
How many days was Moses alone with God? 40 days
means "to pitch a tent" tabernacle
Who overseed the construction of the tabernacle? Moses
Were the offerings to be of free will? How much was given? Yes / Too much
the throne of God in the Most Holy Place ark of the covenant
a place of washing Laver
What was the sin the Israelites had committed in the camp? the golden calf
a book of the people; a book of worship of a Holy God; a manual for the priests; a direct quote from God to Moses Leviticus
the purpose of the book of Leviticus holy living and worship
3 key words of Leviticus worship, cleansing, service
Worship follows what? redemption
Service follows what? worship
What chapters in Leviticus? "The way of approach to God" Leviticus 1-16
What chapters in Leviticus? "The way of abiding with God" Leviticus 17-27
means "to cover" substitutionary atonement
T/F: Anything invented by man is a kind of self-justifying personal merit. T
What 5 things were not allowed to be presented as an offering to God? leaven, milk, honey, swine, clothing of a mixture of materials
The religious year is dominated by what sacred number, symbolizing the perfect work of God? 7
What 3 offerings were voluntary and represented thanksgiving/devotion? burnt offering, meal/meat offering, peace offering
What 2 offerings were cumpulserary/ mandatory and represented the forgiveness of sins? sin offering, trespass offering
What type of offering were instructions for the priests? special offerings
3 things required of priests offer sacrifice, teach the law, intercede for the people
Women could not go into the temple until after how many days of having a baby boy? Having a baby girl? 40 days - 80 days
Where is the Day of Atonement found in the Bible? Leviticus 16
the only day in which required fasting Day of Atonement
the most holy/fearful day of the year Day of Atonement
killing animals was only meant for what 2 things? sacrifice and food
the fire god Molech
Where can the "Communion in Feasts" be found in the Bible? Leviticus 23
Did Jesus Christ Himself acknowledge Moses as the author of Numbers? Yes
What book of the Bible came into English from the LXX and derived from the numbering the people? Numbers
What book of the Bible emphasizes the phrase "in the wilderness"? Numbers
About how many years period is the book of Numbers? 40 years
What book shows the preparations for leaving Sinai and traveling to the Promised Land? It also covers the journey to Moab and plans for the divisions of the land. Numbers
theme of Numbers salvation unto obedient service
book that shows the origin of people Genesis
book that shows the redemption of a people Exodus
book that shows the worship and communion of a people Leviticus
book that shows the walk and service of a people Numbers
book that shows the blessing of the people Deuteronomy
The preparation at Sinai was how long of a period? 20 days
How long had the Israelites wandered from Sinai to Moab? 38 years
What is the largest section of Numbers? Provocation from Sinai to Moab
How long had the perils in Moab lasted? 6 months
Approximately how many days were the children of Israel at Mt. Sinai? 20 days
When the children of Israel were numbered the first time, how many warriors were there? 603,550
What was to remain in the center as the Israelites marched around the city? the tabernacle
4 reasons for the Israelites being numbered manpower/war, walk assignments, taxation, unification
Who was in charge of the FURNITURE of the tabernacle? Kohath
Who was in charge of the FABRICS of the tabernacle? Gebnan
Who was in charge of the boards/pillars/sockets of the tabernacle? Neran
The Israelites were precautioned to remain free from what? defilement/sin
3 vows of a Nazarite could have no product of vines, could not cut hair, could not be around/ touch dead things
a time of special dedication to serve God Nazarite vow
the purpose of the Nazarite vow to be set aside for service/ be available to God
T/F: Sampson did not understand the concept of the Nazarite vow, yet he knew the rules. T
The blessing of Aaron upon the congregation was called what? Aaronite blessing
the time when the death angel passed over the houses of those with blood on the doorpost Passover
The Passover was what month of their calendar? FIRST month
the day of UNLEAVENED bread Passover
3 ordinances of the trumpets to move, to go to war, for solemn days
How long were the Israelites in the wilderness? 40 years (1 year for every day the spies were in the land)
Why were the Israelites to wander in the wilderness? Because of a heart of unbelief
means "burning" Taberah
Moses' first wife Zephorah is a _________ . Midianite
Moses' second wife is an __________ . Ethiopian (from Africa)
How long did Miriam have leprosy? 7 days
T/F: Aaron was not punished, but lived with guilt of causing Miriam's leprosy. T
Miriam had been punished and Aaron lived with guilt because of what sin? Insubordination towards Moses
What had killed the 10 spies that had given a bad report of their Promised Land? plague
the grandson of Kohath Korah
Who were a gift from God to the people? Levites
a young calf/cow because hasn't given birth to cow heifer
The rite of the red heifer was the defilement caused by contact with what? the dead
The rite of the red heifer condemned all those at what age to die? 20 years and older
Because of the age of death from the rite of the red heifer, how many warriors died? 605,530
What from the red heifer was put on the place where the bodies died (the place of defilement)? Ash
the first to die of the siblings of Moses Miriam
the son of Aaron that took his place as priest after Aaron died? Eleazor
the picture of Christ as He was lifted up, all who believe are saved; demonstration of God's mercy serpent of brass
a heathen and false prophet; was able to foresee the future using divination; prophesied to the highest bidder and had a good reputation Balaam
King of Moab; worships Baal and fears Israel Balak
What did Balaam continue to do in which he had wanted to do from the beginning? curse Israel
How many times had Balaam blessed Israel? 3
the ways of Balaam as presented in the N.T. getting God's people to commit sin, "Error of Balaam"
What was the number of the children of Israel when they were renumbered? 601,730
the successor of Moses Joshua
means "the LORD salvation" Joshua
means "the second law" LXX
What name is used in the LXX? Deuteronomy
What book was a direct quotation to God? What book was a set of speeches given by Moses? Leviticus, Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy was written in a _______ period. two-month
The Farewell Address of Moses told the Isrealites to remember what 5 things? the giving of the law, the covenant, past slavery, sins of the past, divine judgments
the 3 R's of the book of Deuteronomy review of Hebrew history, repetition of the law, renewal of the covenant
6 rules for a king his heart not proud, write/read/obey law, not lead back to Egypt, not multiply horses/wives/gold/silver, be an Israelite, be God's choice
How old was Moses when he died? 120
On what mountain did God show Moses the Promised Land? Mount Nebo
How long did the Israelites mourn for Moses? 30 days
1 person of the total 4 people that was known as a man of God Moses
Did Moses ever give up? no
the place of bitter water Marra
means "a wall or border" Shur
renamed "the savior of the world" Joseph
means "forgotten" Manasseh
means "fruitful" Ephraim
means "hairy; red" Esau
means "plain; supplanter; deceiver; con-man" Jacob
means "tender eyed" Leah
means "Prince of God" Israel
means "fatness" Mamre
means "fellowship" Hebron
means "righteousness" Melchizedek
means "God hears" Ishmael
means "Princess" Sarah
means "MY Princess" Sarai
means "father of many nations" Abraham
"Almighty God, All-Sufficient Satisfier" El Shaddai
"house of God" Bethel
"shoulder" Sichem
"division" Peleg
"rebel" Nimrod
"when he dies, judgment" Methuselah
"gotten or acquired" Cain
"vapor or breath" Abel
"commencement" Enoch
"appointed; the image of Adam" Seth
"made" Asa
"created" Bara
speaks of His majesty and power; the name of God that links Him with creation; the primary name of God Elohim
the most common name in the O.T. Yehweh
sovereign ruler of the universe El Elyon
What was Korah's sin? Rebelled against Moses
What were the 3 consequences of Korah's sin? God judges him, fire devours 250 men, plague kills 14,700 men
"exalted father" Abram
"comfort or rest" Noah
Exodus' theme redemption
Deuteronomy's theme blessing of the people
Numbers' theme walk and service
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