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The invasion of which country by Germany led Great Britain and France to declare war? Poland
The political party of Hitler? NAZI
These people were victims of the Holocaust during Nazi Germany? Jews
Auschwitz was an example of a ______________. Concentration Camp
The allied leader of the invasion of Normandy? Dwight Eisenhour
The Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific? Douglas MacArthur
George Patton led the Allied victory over Germany in the northern part of _________________. Africa
The fascist dictator of Italy? Benito Moussolini
The ________________ were Moussolini's paramilitary arm. Black Shirts
The autobiography of Hitler? Mein Kamph (My Struggle)
Hitler was in prison following a revolution he took part in called the ____________________. Beer Hall Putsch
The US Strategy for defeating Japan inn the Pacific based on taking one island at time getting ever closer to the Japanese mainland was called ____________________. Island Hoping
The program where Roosevelt authorized Great Britain to borrow military supplies was called __________________. Lend-Lease
The Prime Minister of Great Britain who followed a policy of Hitler was _______________. Neville Chamberlain
The Soviet Union invaded ______________ after taking its part of Poland. Finland
Hitler violated his treaty with the Soviet Union and invaded the nation....what was the name of the treaty? Non-Aggression Pact
After the fall of France, it was controlled by Germany through Phillipe Petain...this puppet government was called _____________. Vichy France
Who led the French resistance from London during the Vichy France Govt? Charles de Gaule
Name the bomber that dropped "Little Boy" on Hiroshima. The Enola Gay
What was FDR referring to when he said this is a "day that will live in infamy"? The Japanese Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
Manchuria was a region of China that was attacked by who? Japan
The alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan? The Axis Powers
A political philosophy based on a belief that other races are inferior and should either be subjugated or eradicated, a strong sense of nationalism, and expansion through military force. Facism
Which treaty did the United States sign that attempted to outlaw war? Kellogg-Briand
What policies did European leaders use to try and contain the aggressive politics of Hitler’s Germany? compromises meant to appease Germany
What nation did Germany attack to begin WW II? Poland
When did the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occur? Dec. 7, 1941
What was the turning point battle of the whole European War? Stalingrad
What was the turning point battle of the Pacific War? Midway
The D-Day invasion occurred in which nation? France
Who succeeded Roosevelt as President of the United States before the war ended? Harry S. Truman
Leader of Britain during WW II? Winston Churchil
Churchill refereed to the division of Europe following WWII between the Soviet controlled East and the Democracies of the West as having a ________________ descend on Europe. "Iron Curtain"
Auschwitz is an example of a ____________________. Concentration Camp
Name of the secret project to build the atomic bomb? Manhattan Project
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