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4th Religion Ch. 6-10 Vocab

The mystery of the Son of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, becoming truly human while not giving up being divine, or God. Incarnation
The saving work that God the Father sent Jesus to do, beginning with the baptism of Jesus and his announcement of that work in the synagogue in Nazareth. public ministry of Jesus
A word meaning "wonders, something amazing and marvelous"; the amazing deeds performed by Jesus that are signs of God's love and care for people. miracle
A title the Jewish people of Jesus' time used for the Messiah. Son of David
The Jewish feast celebrating God's freeing the Israelites from suffering and slavery in Egypt and leading them to freedom in the land he had promised them. Passover
The last meal Jesus celebrated with his disciples at which he gave the Church the gift of his Body and Blood, the Eucharist. Last Supper
The putting to death of Jesus on the cross. Crucifixion
The raising of Jesus from the dead by God on the third day after his death and burial. Resurrection
The return of the Risen Jesus in glory to his Father in heaven after Jesus' work on earth had been finished forty days after the Resurrection. Ascension
A word meaning "one who speaks up for someone else," title or name Jesus used for the Holy Spirit. Advocate
The day that the Holy Spirit came to the disciples as Jesus had promised, fifty days after the Resurrection. Pentacost
The first shepherds of the Church, the disciples to whom Jesus gave the responsibility and authority to baptize and to teach in his name. Apostles
To give up something of value out of love. sacrifice
Seven ways we live Jesus' command to love by helping people care for their bodily, or corporal needs. Corporal Works of Mercy
A New Testament image for the Church that teaches that God has called together all people in Jesus Christ to be his people. People of God
A New Testament image for the Church that teaches that the members of the Church are made one in Christ, the Head of the Church. Body of Christ
The successor to Saint Peter the Apostle and the bishop of Rome, the shepherd of the whole Church on earth. pope
The successors of the Apostles, who under the authority of the pope and together with the pope are the chief teachers of the Church. bishops
The kingdom of mercy and love, peace and justice that will come about when Jesus returns at the end of time and that will last forever. Kingdom of God
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