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Western Civ. I

Review of The Greco-Persian Wars

2100-1600 Middle Bronze Age
1900 Minoan Palaces
1800 Linear A
1600-1200 Late Bronze Age
1600 Mycenaean Palace-Citadels
1500 Thera
1450 Mycenaeans conquer Minoans; Linear B develops
1200 Destruction of Troy; decline of the Mycenaeans begins
1200-900 Early Dark Age
900-750 Late Dark Age
9th Century BC Lycurgus develops Spartan constitution
776 First Olympiad
750-480 Archaic Period
750 Homer composes the Iliad and Odyssey
600 Solon reforms laws
550 Cyrus conquers the Medes
546 Pisistratus' 3rd rise to power
540 Cyrus conquers Lydia
539 Cyrus conquers Babylon
527 Pisistratus dies
525 Cambyses conquers Egypt
521 Darius seizes rule of Persia
512 Darius invades Thrace & Scythia
510 Hippias expelled from Athens
508 Isagoras takes power in Athens
507 Cleistenes establishes Athenian democracy
499-494 Ionian Revolt
492 Mardonius' fleet sinks of of Mt. Athos
490 Battle of Marathon
486 Darus dies; Xerxes succedes him
480 Battles of Thermopylae & Salamis
479 Battles of Plataea & Mycale
480-323 Classical Period
323-30 Hellenistic Period
Created by: CaptainSparkles