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Written test 2

Portuguese and Spanish maritime empires Who: Diaz, De Gama, Prince Henry the Navigator What: Portuguese early expedition When: 15th century Where: Africa and Asia HS: religious ambition and economic motive
Aztec Empire Who: What: Spanish conquest When: 13th-16th century Where: Tenochtitlan HS: United small states under a single monarch
Tenochtitlan Who: What: capital of Aztec empire When: 14th century Where: Lake Texcoco HS: Conquered by Spanish in 16th century
Inca Empire Who: What: expanded through conquest When: 13th-16th century Where: Cuzko HS: Atahualpa defeated is brother to succeed his father
Treaty of Tordesillas Who:Pope Alexander VI What: When:15th century Where: Imaginary line through the Atlantic HS: reestablished line
Sugar Plantations Who: Europeans What: When:16th-19th century Where: West Africa HS: extended around the continent and other crops
Atlantic Revolution Who: West What: When: late 18th-early 19th century Where: West HS: People believe they had the right to participate in governance
Reign of Terror Who: Napoleon What: When:late 18th-early 19th century Where: France HS: Napoleon crowned himself monarch of France
Meiji Restoration Who: Japan What: When: late 19th-early 20th century Where: Japan HS: State encouraged western investment
Phases of the Industrial Revolution Who: What: When: 18th-19th century Where: Great Britain, US, Germany HS: Emergence of a new manufacturing process with invention of new machines
Age of Imperialism Who: Europe What: When: 19th-early 20th century Where: European countries HS: motivated by industrialization and political rivalries
Social Darwinism Who: What: When: 20th century Where: West HS: survival of the fittest ; survive if you more aggressively to adapt
Opium War Who: What: When: 19th century Where:Britain and China HS: Importance of foreign trade and globalization
Nanjing Treaty Who: What: When: 19th century Where: China HS: ended the opium war and increased opium trade
Mass Society Who: Western societies What: When: 19th-20th century Where: Europe HS: Improved living, political, and educational rights
Louisiana Purchase Who: US What: When: 1803 Where: US HS: territorial expansion and economic growth
Unification of Italy
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