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Phle Handbk Ch16

Other Special Collection

the quality of the test result is only as good as... the specimen that is collected
CSF is cerebrospinal fluid/clear, plasma like fluid that circulates around the outside or inside of brain/spinal cord
CSF is obtained by physician through spinal tap/lumbar puncture
CSF used to diagnose meningitis, etc.
CSF collected in 3 sterile containers... 1. chem/immunological 2. microbio 3. cell count/hematology
Which CSF container can be refrigerated Only chemistry/immunological
Why examine seminal fluid vasectomy effectiveness, sexual criminal charges, fertility
Seminal fluid transported within ? hours of collection 2 hours
Amniotic fluid is bathes fetus within amniotic sac
Amniotic fluid collected by physician
synovial fluid extracted from joint cavities by physicians
Synovial fluid transported at room temperature yes
Synovial fluid collected in 3 vials yes.
pleural fluid obtained from thin sac of fluid surrounding each lung
pericardial fluid obtained from thin sac of fluid surrounding heart
peritoneal fluid fluid surrounding all organs in abdominal cavity
extra components to label (2) source/intials of person who collected specimen
nasopharyngeal culture swab >> nasopharynx. phleb could collect
nasopharynx is where nasal cavity meets the throat
nasopharyngeal tests for whooping cough/pertuss
allergy skin test is deliberate exposure of patient to substance that may cause significant harm
allergy skin test performed on forearm/back using prick technique
In TB skin test, expel all air bubbles by tapping barrel holding syringe vertical
In TB skin test, no wheal forms injection too deep
In TB skin test, read by RN/Doc in 48-72 hours
In TB skin test, instruct patient report any reaction to doc
gastric analysis determines how much acid is prod in stomach
h. pylori bacteria damages stomach/intestinal lining. linked to ulcers/stomach cancer
sweat chloride gold standard in cystic fibrosis diagnosis
cystic fibrosis genetic disorder of the exocrine glands
patients with cystic fibrosis produce sweat chloride 2-5 times more than normal
Sweat chloride by iontophoresis need staff highly trained



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