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History 9


What prompted Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany? German invasion of Poland
The German blitzkrieg was a military strategy that depends on what advantages? Surprise and overwhelming force
What crucial lesson was learned in the Battle of Britain? That Hitler's advances could be blocked
What event occurred on the day described as " a date which will live in infamy"? Attack on Pearl Harbor
What was significant about the Battle of Midway? It turned the war in the pacific against the Japanese
Which of the following was the location of a Nazi extermination camp? Auschwitz
Which of the following battles marked the final German offensives? Battle of Bulge
What caused the Japanese emporer to have reduced power after war? the Allies' insistence
Where were atomic bombs dropped? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Which of the following was addressed by the Numberg Trials? The Houlacaust
Which of these towns were British troops most likely to reach first? Courseulles
Which of the following was an area targeted by the U.S. First Army? Omaha Beach
Which of the following officers didNOT command D-Day? Patton
How many beachs were targeted landing sites for forces coming from the water? 5
Which of the following was NOT a depature point in Great Britian? London
What was the direct war cost for the United States during World War 2? 3,300,000
In which of the following countries were the most civilians killed during World War 2? USSR
In which of the following countries had the lowest direct war costs? Japan
Which of the countries listed in the chart had the second lowest number of killed or missing military personnal? Great Britian
Created by: Alisha M.