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FF exam


virtue a good spiritual habit; helps us to make good decisions based on reason and faith
cardinal virtues prudence, justice, faith, fortitude, and temperance
theological virtues gifts from God infused in our souls; faith, hope, and love/ charity; received at Baptism
revelation way in which God reveals himself through his actions and words and by sending his son, jesus christ
religion a result in faith; binds us into a relationship with God
ecuminical council an assembly of the bishops under the direction of the Pope
faith a virtue; allows us to commit ourselves to God and accept Jesus as Lord; allows us to partake of the life of teh HS is a gift; leads us to eternal life
magisterium the teaching authority of the church; allows the pope and bishops to teach with God
catechism of the catholic church contains essential beliefs and teachings of the catholic faith
agnostic does not know if there is a god
atheist belief that there is no god
deist believe that god created the world but left it after (he is not present anymore)
theist god of the onmies, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent
monotheism belief in 1 god
polytheism belief in many gods
covenant commitment between god and his people where god commits himself to us
divine revelation god makes known his divine plan through the prophets; he speaks to us and reveals himself to us through others
dogma a central truth of revelation that catholics are obligated to believe
sacred scripture god reveals himself through a deposit of faith. christ entrusts this to the apostles
sacred traditions the living transmission of the church's gospel message found in the church's teachings, life, and worship
trinity one god in 3 persons; God the father, god the son, and god the holy spirit
apostles chosen people of god; handpicked; diciples of christ
inerrant contains no error
abba term meaning "daddy"; God is a loving father
original sin the sin that was given to us at birth
concupiscence the desire to do wrong as a result of Original Sin
incarnation when God became man through Jesus Christ
gospel the good news that teaches the good news about Jesus
annunciation when the angel Gabriel came to Mary; she would give birth to Jesus
messiah the second coming of Christ; the judging of the living and the dead
parousia the second coming of Christ; the judging of the living and the dead
paraclete the Holy Spirit; advocate, counselor
grace God's gift of friendship and life that allows us to share his love and his life
justification the Holy Spirit's grace that cleanses us from our sins
evangelization to convert someone to christianity
church the body of christ that serve and love others under the guidance of the HS
mystery a reality filled with God's invisible presence
sacrament an efficacious symbol that causes what it points to
laity baptized who have not made vows and do not belong to a church approved religious state
liturgy the official public worshipers of the church
hierarchy the official and sacred leadership in the church made up of the church's ordained ministers. is teh symbol of unity and authority
pope the head of the living church on earth
bishop successor to the apostles who governs the local church
infallibility a gift of the spirit
priest ministries serving together
prophet ministries igniting purpose
king's ministries serving the poor
marks of the church a term describing four adjectives of the church (one, holy, catholic, apostolic)
one we are one with the trinity
holy sacred
catholic the church is universal and accepts everyone
apostolic we teach what the apostles taught
initiation the act of admitting someone
penance voluntary self punishment
prayer a psalm request for help
blessing the infusion if something with holiness
praise an expression of warm approval
adoration deep love and respect
petition a prayer to God asking for forgiveness or help for ourselves or others
intercession a prayer of petition for others
eschatology a study of death and what happens after
heaven eternal life with God and all of the Saints
hell separation from God. To get there you have to act against God
purgatory you are in a state of purification that takes place after death that makes you clean
saints holy one who lives in union with god and through the grace of Jesus Christ
particular judgement individual judgment right after death
last/ general judgement the last day of the earth when he comes to establish God's kingdom fully
conscience the judgment of reason where a human will know when an act they perform is of the right moral values
means the last part of the sources of morality (the circumstances)
end after an action when you look at the overall picture and decide if the action was moral or not
source of morality three parts of every action someone makes. moral objects is what we do, intention which is why we do it, and circumstances are the consequences of the actions that we perform. all three elements must be good for a proposed action to be good.
moral object the first part of every action; it is what we do
intention our motivation of the actions we perform
circumstances context and consequences of our actions
society the aggregate of people living together in more or less ordered community
subsidiarity a principal of social doctrine that all social bodies exist for the sake of the individual so that what individuals are able to do
common good the entirety of all social conditions that let us achieve our self- realization more easily and completely
social justice doctrine the magisterial teachings about how it is possible for societies to promote the common good
solidarity a value of christianity that allows is to share material and spiritual possessions with others; charity and friendship
christian morality a responsible life in Christ that comes from our dignity as the children of God who were made in His image and Christ's call for us to love all
priestly offering yourself with christ in his sacrifice to the father
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