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Unit 2 Mid Term Test

Unit 2: Emergence of Modern World

How did the Renaissance signal a rebirth of Classical Culture?
How did the Protestant Reformation alter the course of Christianity?
How did the Ottomans and Safavid empires successfully expand their empires and spread Islamic culture?
How did the Age of Exploration affect people in society and how they behaved in relation to other groups and their environment?
How and why did absolutism develop in the 17th and 18th centuries?
What was the name of the disease that killed a lot of people in the Renaissance Period Black Death
What is the meaning of Renaissance New Birth or Rebirth
The Renaissance Period refers to intellectual movement involving new enthusiasm for Classical Literature (writings of Greek and Romans) Learning & Art
Meaning "rebirth" the Renaissance refers to a discovery of learning and knowledge from what two ancient sources? Greece & Rome
The spirit of the Renaissance was very secular, meaning what? focused away from religion and more on worldly things of the here and now
The Renaissance was largely due to expanded trade and the stability of the European economy. Which medieval event helped cause this? Crusades
What three main groups of people financed (paid for) the art and education of the Renaissance period? Popes, Merchants, & Bankers
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy? Italy was a large urban society with established industries and trade. These city states were a dominant force in the economic, social, and political life.
The Break from the Catholic Church and the birth of Lutheranism was called The Reformation
What Philosopher combined the ideas of Christianity and Humanism Erasmus
What writer expressed Humanistic topics in plays Shakespeare
What was the key intellectual movement of the Renaissance Humanism
What was the Protestant Reformation a movement beginning in the 1500s to reform the Roman Catholic Church, which led to a split of the church between Catholics and Protestants
Who was Martin Luther critic of the Roman Catholic Church whose theses sparked discussion about its practices and beliefs and to the founding of Lutheranism He condemned the sale of indulgences, which he did not believe had any power to forgive sin.
What caused the spread of the Renaissance Northward to Europe
What are some of the technical Advancements of the Renaissance
Who were the early reformers of the Protestant Reformation
What was the 95 Theses Writing of Martin Luther against the practices of the catholic church. One of the biggest was the he said the selling of indulgences was sinful.
What is Indulgences exchange of money for forgiveness of sin. Indulgences were pardons issued by the pope to reduce the time a soul spent in purgatory
What is the meaning of Annulled declared invalid based on church laws
What conditions led to the Protestant Reformation The movement was against the financial corruption, abuse of power, and immortality in the Catholic Church. Also, people began to feel loyalty to their nation over the church.
How did early reformers want to change the church? hey wanted the church to give up its earthly possessions. They wanted to church to stop the practices of selling indulgences. They wanted to reduce the power of the pope.
Who was Martin Luther and what were some of his ideas about reform? Martin Luther was a German monk. He believed that faith only, not good works, could get someone into heaven. He believed Jesus, not the pope, was the head of the church.
Who was Henry the VIII King of England who broke with the catholic church in order to divorce his wife
What led to Henry VIII’s break with the Catholic Church? The pope would not give him an annulment.
What were the religious and social effects of the Counter-Reformation? The Counter-Reformation helped the Catholic Church grow. The scope of the church expanded as the Jesuits opened universities. After the Counter Reformation there were clear differences between Catholics and Protestants.
What was the Counter Reformation The Catholic Church trying to change and stop some of the abuse in the church
What was the Spanish Inquisition When Spain tried to purify the country on non-Catholics such as Jews and Muslims
What was the impact of the Protestant Reformation. 1. Many people left the Catholic Church. 2. Large sections of Europe was Protestant 3. The Catholic Church and the leadership lost some power and authority
Who was John Calvin important Protestant reformer whose writings became the basis of Calvinism
Who was Elizabeth I daughter of Henry VIII and queen who firmly established England as Protestant
Two early challengers of the church were John Wycliffe and Jan Hus
Who translated the Bible into German Martin Luthe
Where does the word Protestant comes from Lutherans issued a "protest" when Emperor Charles V tried to suppress Lutheranism
Who founded a church in Switzerland which had theocracy at its base Ulrich Zwingli
Who were the Safavid's Shi'ite state in Persia (modern day Iran)
What are the two main branches of Islam Sunni and Shi'ite
What is the primary difference between Sunni and Shi'ite Shi'ite believe that leadership is hereditary (related) to Mohammad
What are Shahs Safavid rulers
What is Cultural Blending Mixing of different cultures
What was the origin of the Ottoman Empire ribe of Turkish nomads who migrated from central Asia
What was the major advantage of the Ottoman Empire Efficient bureaucracy, trade
What were the rulers called in the Ottoman Empire Sultans
What are mercenaries Soldiers who sell themselves to the highest bidder
Who was Leonardo Da Vinci talian painter, sculptor, architect
What was one of the most significant technical development in the Renaissance The Gutenberg Printing Press
What is absolutism When monarchs have absolute power
1492: Conquest of Paradise
Columbus Primary Source Analysis
What are the origins of Absolutism in Europe Monarchs believed in Devine right...meaning that monarchs receive there power from god
What were key motives for Europeans during the Age of Exploration 1. Find new trade routes to Asia 2. New Knowledge and Fame 3. Spread Christianity
What was so important about Asia they had spices to help the taste of food
Which motivations was the strongest for Europeans to explore Trade with Asia because Muslims and Italians controlled the trade routes.
What key advances in knowledge and technology allowed Europeans to explore 1. Cartography which is the art and science of maps 2. Improved Ship design 3. The compass 4. Advanced weapons like the canon
Which advancement was the most important in the age of exploration Maps because it made navigation easier
Who create maps using longitude and latitude Gerardus Mercator
What is a Caravel Small ships that fast and easy to maneuver.
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