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Middle Ages Review

European Middle Ages Review questions

What did Germanic decentralization help create? a need for local self-sufficiency
Who gained control of the holy land after 200 years of fighting? The Muslims
What is Feudalism? A political system in western Europe, Whereby a king grants lands, in exchange for loyalty, and military protection. It's an agreement between several individuals.
What created the feudal system? a need for protection and lack of central government created the feudal system.
What was the result of the crusades? Europe came into contact with more advanced civilizations to the east and trade picked up.
Who was the Hundred Years war between? France and England
What is monasticism? Monks and nuns live together in an organized community called a monastery.
What was the pope in charge if overseeing? Both the religious and secular aspects of daily life
At the fall of the Roman empire most cities were abandoned and life became more______ Rural
What is the manor system? an economic arrangement supporting feudal society.
Who established the feudal system? Charlemagne
How did the Hundred years' war affect the Knights social status? it broke down the social significance because everyday people were winning battles.
What emerged in France and England during the Hundred year's war? Nationalism
The kings grant land called a _________to a lord, which the lord divides. fief
Why could serfs have been considered slaves? could not leave without permission land transfers included serfs
What are the Medieval Guilds? Associations of crafts men controlling trade Controlled
What did Medieval Guilds control? controlled membership, quality of products and prices
Why did Pope Urban II call for a crusade? to liberate Jerusalem and free the holy land from Muslims.
What were the rights and responsibilities of the Serfs? The Serfs repaired the lord's estate and produced food
What were the rights and responsibilities of the lords? The lords offered protection
What started the Hundred Years' War? Fighting between France and England over Gascony.
Who crowned Charlemagne "Charles the Great", holy roman emperor? Pope Leo III
In Feudalism, who does the king grant land to? The lords
When was Charles the Great crowned Holy Roman Emperor? 800 C.E.
Why did the church lose its prestige during the black death? Because they were unable to stop the plague through prayer and intervention.
Who was the father "The father of Europe" ? Charlemagne (Charles the great)
Give two or more effects of the Black Death Collapse of Manorialism, decrease in population, loss of faith in the Catholic Church, peasant rebellion
What were some incentives that Pope Urban II used to persuade people to join the crusades? Forgiveness from sins! Entrance into heaven for those who die! Freedom for serfs! Freed from paying taxes! Interest forgiven on debts! Prisoners released from jail! Booty (land, money, etc.)!
People could learn to read and write at a Monastery
What ended Europe's intellectual isolation? The Crusades
In the Middle Ages, population _________from 35 million to ______million people by 1340 Grew/increased 80
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