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Chapter 11

Byzantines, Russians and Turks Interact

Justinian Emperor of Byzantine empire, Expanded the empire
Justinian code the body of the roman civil law collected and organized by the order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian around A.D 534
Hagia Sophia the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom in Constantinople, built by order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian
Patriach a principle bishop in the eastern branch of Christinanity
Icons religious images used by eastern Christians
Excommunication the taking away of a person's right of membership in a Christian church
Cyrillic alphabet an alphabet for the writing of the Slavic languages, devised in the ninth century A.D by the Saints Cyril and Methodius
Slavs a people from the forests north of the Black sea, ancestors of many people in Eastern Europe today
Vladimir Russian Czar who converted Russians to Byzantine Christianity
Yarsolav the wise Forged important trading alliances, built the first library, and under his rule Christianity prospered
Alexander Nevsky agreed to cooperate with the Mongols
Ivan the 3rd Broke from mongol rule
Czar a Russian emperor (from the Roman title Caesar)
Seljuks a Turkish group who migrated into the Abbasid Empire in the 10th century and established their own empire in the 11th century
Vizier a prince minister in a Muslim kingdom or empire
Malik Shah
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