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Mass articles CCMS

7th Gade Articles used in Mass study guide

Container to "catch" the water when Father washes his fingers Lavabo dish
A cloth used by the priest to dry his fingers during the Mass. Finger towel
An oblong piece of white cloth worn by the priest under the alb that covers his shoulders. Amice
A large semi-circular cloak worn by the priest at Benediction. Cope
The outer garment worn by a deacon at Mass or other liturgical celebrations. Dalmatic
A long oblong piece of cloth worn like a shawl over the priest's shoulders during the Benediction when he holds the monstrance. Humeral veil
A safe-like container for the consecrated hosts located near the altar. Tabernacle
The "plate" for the large host. Paten
Small candle or lamp kept near the tabernacle to show that the Blessed Sacrament is reserved there. Sanctuary lamp/candle
The cup that holds the wine that becomes the Precious Blood. Chalice
The book used by the priest that contains prayers of the Mass. Roman Missal
The containers for water and wine brought to the altar at the Offertory. Cruets
The cord used to tie the alb. Cincture
A covered container for consecrated hosts distributed at Mass or stored in the tabernacle. Ciborium
The readings for Mass are organized in this book according to the liturgical year. Lectionary
This container is used to burn the incense. Censer
The container used to carry Communion to the sick. Pyx
Strip of cloth worn over a priest's shoulders; on a deacon, worn over the left shoulder and crossing to the right. Stole
Stiff square piece of cloth placed over the chalice. Also, the cloth covering placed over a casket at a funeral. Pall
The instrument for sprinkling holy water. Aspergillum
The cloth used to wipe the chalice clean. Purificator
The person responsible for the sacred objects and vestments. Sacristan
Long white tunic worn under other priestly vestments. Alb
Decorative container used to display the Blessed Sacrament for adoration. Monstrance
The priest's outer robe. Chasuble
A square white cloth on which the chalice and paten are placed during Mass. Corporal
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