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Trans Regents Review

Global History Regents review topics

Which social scientist studies scarcity, goods and services? Economists
Which social scientist studies people and places? Geographer
Which social scientists studies artifacts, relics? Archeologists
What was the topography of Ancient Greece that impacted their development? Mountains
Islam Empires were known for Math & Medicine
The geography of both Italy and India is classifies as this which has water on 3 sides Peninsula
A chain of islands such as Hawaii and Japan is called an Archipelago
Who wanted to modernize and westernize Russia? Peter & Catherine
When countries take over other countries for trade and natural resources Mercantilism
Who were Simon Bolivar, Toussaint L'Ouverture and Miguel Hidalgo? Latin American Revolutionary
South African warriors who fought against the British Imperialism Zulu
Indian Soldiers who fought against British Imperialism Sepoys
Chinese nationalists who fought against the British Boxers
The meeting that divided up Africa between European nations Berlin Conference
Which country and what revolution were the first, second and third estate French Revolution
Newton, Galileo, Kepler were part of what revolution that focused on observation and experimentation Scientific Revolution
The two natural resources you need for Industrialization Coal & Iron
Karl Marx predicted that the workers would change this system and become Communism
The theory that your power comes from God Divine Right
In this book by Machiavelli he said that a ruler needed to have absolute power to maintain control The Prince
What revolution created new banking systems, guilds and capitalism Commercial Revolution
Where was gunpowder invented China
When something comes directly from a person like a diary or a journal is called a Primary source
A biography, textbook, encyclopedia is considered a Secondary source
The belief in one God Monotheism
The belief in many Gods Polytheism
3 monotheistic beliefs and what is their holy land Judaism, Christianity, Islam- Jersualem
8 Fold path, 4 noble truths, pain & suffering Buddhism
5 pillars, Quran Islam
Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation, Ganges river Hinduism
Filial Piety, Confucianism
Two beliefs everything in nature has spirits Shintoism & Animism
What revolution occured when William and Mary had to give up their power to the people- signed the Magna Carta Glorious Revolution
Coal and Iron, new middle class, began in England Industrial Revoluton
Henry VIII and Martin Luther Protestant Reformation
It began in Italy, they focused on Humanism, Leonardo, Michael Angelo Renaissaince
The poem White mans Burden was about European Imperialism
He wrote the book about Communism Karl Marx
When Archduke Ferdinand gets assassinated it starts WWI
This blamed Germany for starting the war Treaty of Versailles
The extermination of Jews in Germany Holocuast
Sentenced Nazi's for war crimes Nuremberg Trials
Germany invades Poland starts WWII
Two Japanese cities that got bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki
How they divided Germany at the end of the war and what symbolized the cold war Berlin Wall
Name of the Organizations created to end world conflicts League of Nations- United Nations
Germany unification leader "blood & Iron" Otto Von Bismark
Italian unification leader Garibaldi Guessepi
Strong pride in devotion to your country is called Nationalism
Feeling that your race is superior from others Ethnocentrism
Sha Reza Pahlavi wanted to modernize and westernize the country Iranian revolution
Kemal Atuturk wanted to modernize and westernize the country Turkey revolution
Peace Land and Bread was the slogan for this revolution Russian Revolution
Fidel Castro was the leader of this revolution which made them communist Cuban Revolution
Emperor of Japan needed to modernize and westernize during the Industrial period Meiji Restoration
Which leader was known for passive Resistance, Fasting, non violence, spinning, Salt March? Ghandi
Which leader wanted to end Apartheid in South Africa? Nelson Mandela
Which revolution dealt with farmers and trying to find a new way of growing food? Agricultural Revolution
Which group of people had a Potato famine? Irish
People that live on mountains grow food using Terrace farming
What two wars were fought to stop communism? Korean and Vietnam war
Mao Zedong was the leader of which country? China Communist revolution
What organization is responsible for oil prices and where are they mostly located? OPEC Middle East
Mexico, Canada and the U.S. have a trade agreement called NAFTA
Most of the European countries have unified to have one currency under the European Union
The land for Jewish people is called? Israel
Japan, China and Korea all borrowed things from one another and this is called Cultural Diffusion
The Africans that migrated and used slash and burn techniques were called the? Bantu
The people in Latin America that held most of the power were called? Peninsulares
Who were the Togugawa Shogunate held all the power in? Japan
The feudal Japanese warriors were called? Samurai
European Enlightenment Philosopher who said everyone has natural rights John Locke
Enlightenment Philosopher that said the government should be set up into 3 branches Montesquieu
Enlightenment Philosopher that said the everyone should have freedom of speech Voltaire
A conflict with the British and the Chinese over trading Opium War
When countries are non supporting one another is called? Nonalignment
When a country takes over another country? Imperialism
He was responsible for the Genocide in Cambodia? Pol Pot
Two groups in Rwanda that hat racial hatred with each other Tutsi and Hutus
This group of people suffered genocide during WWI by the hands of the Ottoman Empire Armenians
He had religious tolerance and absolute power Akbar the Great
This group led the Russian Revolution Bolsheviks
The social economic class that would support communism are Peasants
When there is no government regulation? Laissez-Faire
Napoleon and Hitler tried to invade this country but failed because it was too cold and too big Russia
Textbook, Encyclopedia, second person account, biography Secondary source
Autobiography, letter, journal, personal, correspondence Primary source
Which empire did Genghis Khan control Mongols
Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobins were known for Reign of Terror
Long March, Red Army, Mao are all associated with which country China
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