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Chapter 8

African Civilizations

Sahara One of the largest deserts in the world
Sahel An African region along the southern border of the Sahara
Savannas Flat, grassy plains
Animism the belief that spirits are present in animals,plants, and other natural objects
Griots West African storyteller
Nok An African people who lived in what is now Nigeria between 500 B.C and A.D. 200
Djenne-Djeno Oldest known city in Africa south of the Sahara
Migration the act of moving from one place to settle in another
Push-pull factors conditions that draw people to another location (pull factors) or cause people to leave their homelands and migrated to another region (push factors)
Bantu-speaking peoples the speakers of a related group of languages who, beginning about 2,000 years ago, migrated from West Africa into most of the southern half of Africa
Aksum an African kingdom, in what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea, that reached the heights of its power in the fourth century
Ezana a strong ruler who expanded the Aksum kingdom
Terraces a new form of agriculture in Aksum, in which stepped ridges constructed on mountain slopes help retain water and reduce erosion
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