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Russian Revolution

Remi's study guide

What is autocracy? It means single ruler
Which was the only country in Europe ruled by an autocracy? Russia
Who was the last Czar of Russia? Nicholas II
An absolute ruler is: One appointed by God
What was given to serfs for their work? small log hut, a tiny piece of land, and a few animals.
What did serfs give to their landlords to pay for "taxes"?` their crops
Serfs were ___________ if they resisted their landlords. beaten
When did Bloody Sunday take place? in 1905
To whom did Russia lose the war? Japan
Serfs and workers did this on Bloody Sunday: Marched and rioted to ask for reform
In what year did Russia enter into WWI? 1914
________________ were killed, wounded, or went missing Millions
Russian people suffered from ____________ during WWI. food shortages
Russian soldiers lacked _____________, ______________, and weapons during WWI. clothes, shoes
How did WWI impact Nicholas !!? He was seen as weak and remote because he did not see the changes that were needed.
What form of government did Russia adopt after WWI? Communism
Communism was considered a __________ government. benefit to all citizens
_____________ was brought to Russia in 1917. Communism
In 1917 Russia was ruled by: Vladimir Lennin
______________________ and his family were executed in 1917. Czar Nicholas II
After its reorganization, Russia became known as: The Soviet Union
Russia became the Soviet Union in what year? 1922
The people of Russia bought into communism because: they believed sharing work would result in shared rewards.
The ______________________ owned farms and factories with communism. government
Communism promised fairness and equality to all Russians
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