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(Mooresville) Ancient Egypt

River that runs through Egypt that civilization was centered around. Nile
Person who united Ancient Egypt. King Menes
Structure that was used as tombs for pharaohs. Pyramids
Another name for an Egyptian king. Pharaoh
A government that has a religious leader or a god ruling. Theocracy
People who invaded Egypt and ruled for 100 years. They introduced the horse drawn chariot to the Egyptian people. Hyksos
First female pharaoh of Egypt that preferred to dress like a man. Hatshepsut
Pharaoh who tried to change Egypt from polytheistic to monotheistic. He wanted Egyptians to only worship Aten. Akenhaten
The tomb of this pharaoh was discovered in 1922. King Tut aka Tutankhamen
Man who discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922. Howard Carter
Pharaoh that reigned for over 60 years. He was known for his great building projects and for signing the first peace treaty. Believed to be the pharaoh Moses fled from. Ramses the Great
The last pharaoh of Egypt Cleopatra VII
Also known as the soul, Egyptians believed that this spirit would reunite with the body in the afterlife. Ka
The process of slowly drying a dead body. Used to preserve the body for the afterlife. Mummification
Large structure that has the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh. Believed to be a guardian of the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings. Great Sphinx
Egyptian forms of writing Hieroglyphics
This plant was used for making Egyptian paper. Papyrus
This was used to decode Egyptian hieroglyphics Rosetta Stone
The pyramids were built by_________. Egyptian farmers
Egyptians believed that their pharaoh was a ________. god
Egyptians had a number system based on ____. 10
This organ was left in the body of mummies to be weighed by Anubis. Heart
Who was the god of the afterlife? Anubis
Who was the god of death and rebirth?
The Egyptian calendar had _______ days. 365
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