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Foy WH Ch. 7 Test

What group conquered Israel and Judah and led them into captivity in Babylon? Chaldeans
During the Roman rule, what Jewish teacher clarified some teachings to help people better understand the religion and built a Jewish school? Yohanan ben Zaccai
What is the collection of five books of law, written by Moses, that make up the most sacred text in Judaism? Torah
Who became king after Saul, winning many wars and expanding Israel? David
What are some Jewish beliefs? belief in education, belief in obedience, belief in one god
What happened when the pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews out of slavery? God sent a series of plagues on Egypt until he let them go.
What are more Jewish beliefs? belief in obedience, belief in righteousness, belief in charity
What happened after Solomon’s death? Revolts broke out over who should be king and Israel split into two kingdoms.
Why did scholars write commentaries in the Talmud? because some Jewish laws are hard to understand
What did the Zealots believe? Jews shouldn’t answer to anyone but God and refused to answer to the Romans.
What happened when the Romans crushed the Jewish rebellion in 73 AD? The Second Temple was destroyed and much of the Jewish population was killed.
Who was eventually able to free the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt? Moses
When the Hebrews reached Canaan, how did they set up the land when they first arrived? They settled in small communities, led by judges.
Who was told by God to settle in Mesopotamia, therefore becoming the father of the Hebrew people. Abraham
How was Hebrew society governed? Men governed society and women had few rights.
You are an Israelite who has been forced from your land in Israel and forced into slavery in Babylon. What term describes what happened to you? Diaspora
Why did local synagogues and rabbis become important in guiding the Jews’ religious lives? because the Romans destroyed their temple so they couldn’t worship there anymore
What Jewish traditions to many people in our country follow today? follow the Ten Commandments, do not work on the weekends, honor the Sabbath
What caused the Hebrews to flee from Canaan to Egypt, eventually causing the pharaoh concern? famine
What did the pharaoh of Egypt do to prevent the Hebrews from taking over Egypt? He made the Hebrews his slaves.
What was the result of the Jews revolting against the Romans in the 130’s AD? There was an increased Jewish migration to the Mediterranean region. The Romans declared that any Jew caught in or near Jerusalem would be killed.
What Hebrew woman became a judge and made great contributions to society? Deborah
While the Jews were conquered by the Romans, in what areas did they make advancements? teaching and building temples
What text is made up of the Torah, the Proverbs, the Psalms, and the eight books of the prophets? Hebrew Bible (Tanakh)
What did God give Moses on Mount Sinai, which would tell the Hebrews how to live? Ten Commandments
Who became king after David, expanding the kingdom and expanding trade? Solomon
What text was found in a cave that contains prayers, commentaries, letters, and passages from the Hebrew Bible? Dead Sea Scrolls
Who united the Israelites and became the first king of Israel? Saul
What women were seen in the Tanakh as examples of how women should behave? Ruth and Naomi
What two religions did Judaism help shape? Christianity and Islam
How was Solomon able to afford building a temple to God in Jerusalem? through the riches that came from trading and alliances
This Jewish group moved to France, Germany, and eastern Europe. Ashkenazim
This group lives in what is now Spain and Portugal. Sephardim
This group mixed with non-Jews, borrowing elements from their culture and producing a golden age of Jewish culture. Sephardim
This group developed their own language called Yiddish. Ashkenazim
This is the most holy day, where Jews fast all day and ask God for forgiveness of their sins. Yom Kippur
This is a time for Jews to remember the Exodus. They eat only flat bread and have a ritual meal called the seder. Passover
This holiday celebrates the beginning of the Jewish new year. Rosh Hashanah
This holiday honors the rededication of the Second Temple. It is celebrated by lighting candles in a menorah. The eight days represent the amount of time the oil burned during the rededication. Hanukkah
Created by: lfoy8290