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European & Japanese Feudalism. Byzantine Empire

schism split
autocrat Sole ruler with complete authority
patriarch Highest church official of the Byzantine Empire
Hagia Sophia Church of Holy Wisdom in Constantinople
Justinian's Code Reform of the Roman laws
Constantinople Capital of the Byzantine Empire. Became Istanbul
Greek (Eastern) Orthodox Church Church of the Byzantine Empire
Emperor Highest rank in Japanese society, but had no political power
Shogun Supreme military ruler in Japan
Daimyo Great warrior lords in Japan
Samurai Lesser warriors in Japan
Bushido Honor code for samurais in Japan
seppuku Ritual suicide
Feudalism Loosely organized system of rule in which powerful local lords divided their landholdings among lesser lords
vassals Lesser lords
Fief Land, or estate
Knight Mounted warriors in Europe
Chivalry Honor code in Europe
Serfs Peasants bound to the land
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