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World History Chapter 6 study guide for the Israelities

Diaspora The spread of Jews and their customs and culture beyond the Jewish homeland and across the Mediterranean region
Judas Maccabeus Which was a Jewish priest who led the guerrilla fight against Seleucid rule?
Roman Which empire renamed Judaea Palestine as a kind of punishment after crushing a Jewish revolt?
Pharisees Which group of Jews gained the support of the common people by teaching Jewish families to practice the Torah’s teachings with greater devotion?
Jews During their long exile, Judaeans became known by this term.
Passover Which Jewish holiday is celebrated with a Seder?
scrolls The first five books of the Torah were written on
temple priests and scribes Who guided Jewish society after the Jews returned from exile in Babylon?
Sabbath According to Jewish tradition, the ____________________ is a weekly day of rest and prayer beginning at sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.
Hebrew Bible Three sections—the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings—make up the ______________________________.
Genesis The story of Noah and the ark is in the book of ____________________ in the Hebrew Bible.
Daniel The book of ____________________ explains why the Jews believed that suffering would eventually be replaced by goodness.
Saul The Hebrew Bible says that this warrior became the first king of the Israelites.
Passover ____________________ is a holiday that celebrates the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.
David According to the Hebrew Bible, this king of Israel was a brave warrior, successful leader, and talented poet.
Assyrians In 722 B.C. this people caused the fall of Israel and scattered the ten tribes.
Nebuchadnezzar Which was a Chaldean king who captured Jerusalem and punished the Jews in 597 B.C.?
Torah the laws that make up the first part of the Hebrew Bible
rabbi Jewish religious leader and scholar
prophet a messenger of God
exile a period of time in which a group is forced to live far away from its homeland
Sabbath a weekly day of worship and rest
Exodus the departure of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt
proverb a wise saying
commandment a rule that God wanted the Israelites to follow
covenant an agreement with God
monotheism the belief in one all-powerful, just, and personal God
kosher prepared according to Jewish dietary laws
Greece The Philistines, an eastern Mediterranean group, migrated from near present-day
Jericho According to the Hebrew Bible, the Israelites marched around a city’s walls for six days and finally took control of the city. What city was this?
Phoenicians people of Canaan known as “Sea People” who invaded the Mediterranean around 1200 B.C.
Israelite In the Hebrew Bible, Jacob’s 12 sons became leaders of the ________________ tribes.
Ark of the Covenant The Hebrew Bible says that the tabernacle housed a sacred object called the
King Solomon He was known for his wise sayings, called proverbs.
Genesis The story of Noah and the ark is in the book of ____________________ in the Hebrew Bible.
Created by: Ms Plyler