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ap human geography Hailey

Push/Pull factors push- negative conditions pull - positive conditions
Voluntary Migration people relocate voluntarily
Forced forced to migrate (jobs, terrain)
Transmigration moving from one country or region to another
Refugee Leaving your country because of unsafe conditions
Migration patters - intercontinental traveling or capable of traveling between continents
Migration patters - interregional Permanent movement from one region of a country to another
Migration patters - rural-urban migration flow going frow rural to urban areas
Place utility The process of increasing the attractiveness of a product to a group of consumers by altering its physical location
Activity space the space within which daily activity occurs
Personal space the space a person can reach without travelling
Space time prism the set of all points that can be reached by an individual given a maximum possible speed from a starting point in space-time and an ending point in space-time
Distance decay The farther apart two things are the less they react.
Step migration A series of shorter, less extreme migrations from a person's place of origin to final destination
Chain migration the social process by which immigrants from a particular town follow one another to a different city
Intervening opportunity An environmental or cultural feature of the landscape that hinders migration
Cyclic movement movement that has a closed route repeated annually or seasonally
Migratory movement human relocation movement from a source to a destination without a return journey, as opposed to cyclical movement
Periodic movement a form of migration that involves intermittent but recurrent movement, such as temporary relocation for college or service in the military
Transhumance a seasonal periodic movement of pastoralists and their livestock between lowland and highland pastures
Interregional migration Permanent movement from one country to another
Created by: haileybandit