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Egypt Review

This Study Stack will allow you to review for your Ancient Egypt Unit Test.

What are the characteristics of a civilization? Study the 8 Features of Civilization
What did the Papyrus plant help Egyptians to accomplish in their society? Advance communication and keep written records.
Why was the soil so very fertile in the Nile River Valley? The Nile flooded every year.
Ancient Egyptians developed their own form of writing. What was their writing called? Hieroglyphics
Who among the Egyptians were thought to be gods on earth? They were also thought to be sons of Re. Pharaohs
The Nile flooded annually. This is an example of which of the Five Themes of Geography? Human-Environment Interaction
What are five examples of art and architecture within Ancient Egypt? The Great Sphinx, Obelisk, The Great Pyramids and Giza, Valley of the Kings, Burial Masks. Remember there are other examples as well that you could list on your test!
The pharaohs believed themselves to be a god. What type of government is this? Theocracy
What was Queen Hatshepsut most well know for? She developed trading with other civilizations. She also dressed as a man to earn respect.
What are the different social classes in Ancient Egypt? Study your social class pyramid in your Tile Notebook.
Were Ancient Egyptians monotheistic or polytheistic? Polytheistic
Why were the pyramids constructed? Did everyone receive a pyramid? They were a burial place for the pharaohs. Not everyone received a pyramid.
What is another name for Egypt? "The Gift of the Nile"
What are the steps of mummifying a body? Look back at the steps in your Tile Notebook.
What were the natural barriers that protected Egypt from invaders? Sahara Desert and the Nile River
What continent is Egypt located on? Africa
Does the Nile River flow from North to South or South to North? Why? South to North; it flows down a mountain to the south.
What artifact helped archaeologists decode hieroglyphics? How did this help? The discovery of the Rosetta Stone. It contained three different languages.
Remember to Study all of your notes!! Anything that you have written down or watched a video on is fair game for the test!! Remember also to know your vocabulary as it will pop up on the test as well.
Created by: philip.caldwell