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Chapter 3

People and Ideas on the Move

Indo-Europeans Group of semi nomadic peoples that migrated from southern Russian to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, and Southwest Asia around 1700 BC
Steppes Dry, grass covered plains
Migration Movement of a people from one region to another
Hittites An Indo-European people who settled in Anatolia around 2000 BC
Anatolia The Southwest Asian peninsula now occupied by the Asian part of Turkey; Also called Asia Minor
Aryans Indo-European people who migrated into the Indian subcontinent around 1500 BC
Vedas Sacred text of the Aryans
Brahmins Social class made up of priests in Aryan culture
Castes Social system of the Aryans that settled India. Four different classes: priests, warriors, peasants/traders, non-Aryan workers/craftsmen. Untouchables are below the system
Mahabharata Indian epic poem that reflects on the struggles of the Aryans as they moved south into India
Reincarnation Hindu and Buddhist belief in which a soul is reborn continuously until it achieves perfect understanding
Karma Hindu and Buddhist belief that the totality of good and bad deeds performed by a person determines their fate after rebirth
Jainism Religion founded in India in the 6th century BC. Members believe everything in the universe has a soul and should not be harmed
Siddhartha Gautama Founder of Buddhism. Also known as the Buddha
Enlightenment A state of perfect wisdom in which one understands basic truths about the universe
Nirvana The release from pain and suffering achieved after enlightenment
Minoans Seafaring and trading people that lived on the island of Crete from 2000-1400 BC
Knossos Minoan capital city
King Minos Great king of Minoans. Legend says he owned a Minotaur (1/2 human, 1/2 bull monster) in a labyrinth
Phoenicians Seafaring people of southwest Asia in 1100 BC that began to trade in the Mediterranean region
Palestine Land located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea
Canaan Ancient home of the Hebrews. Located in the same area as Palestine
Torah Sacred book of the Jews. Consists of five books
Abraham Father of the Hebrews in the Torah
Monotheism Belief in a single god
Covenant Mutual agreement between God and the Hebrew people in the Bible
Moses Man that led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt
Israel Kingdom of united Hebrews in Palestine from 1020-922 BC
Judah Hebrew kingdom in Palestine, established around 922 BC
Tribute Peace money paid by a weaker power to a stronger power
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