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Chabner Plurals

Davi-Ellen Chabner, 10th edition, The Language of Medicine

bulla bullae
bursa bursae
vertebra vertebrae
anastomosis anastomoses
epiphysis epiphyses
metastasis metastases
prosthesis prostheses
pubis pubes
apex apices
varix varices
appendix appendices
ganglion ganglia
spermatozoon spermatozoa
bacterium bacteria
ovum ova
bronchus bronchi
diverticulum diverticula
calculus calculi
nucleus nuclei
virus viruses
sinus sinuses
anomaly anomalies
biopsy biopsies
femur femora
foramen foramina
iris irides
phalanx phalanges
thorax thoraces
carcinoma carcinomata
criterion criteria
cyanosis cyanotic
stamen stamina
conjunctiva conjunctivae
uterus uteri
phenomenon phenomena
meniscus menisci
cerebrum cerebra
nucleus pulposus nuclei polposi
patella patellae
digitus digiti
lumen lumina
urethra urethrae
placenta previa placentae previae
mensis menses
deformity deformities
diagnosis diagnoses
index indices
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