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Theory that your power comes from God Divine Right
L’état, c’est moi” Sun King Built the Palace at Versailles King Louis XIV
Who said everyone has natural rights of life, liberty and pursuit of property John Locke
Who was the French leader during the Reign of Terror Robespierre
Which estate had to pay all the taxes in France Third Estate
What machine was used to eliminate people during the French Revolution Guillatine
What document was created to give rights to the people in France Declaration of Rights of man
The process of shipping good from the old world to the new world Columbian Exchange
When a country takes over another country for its natural resources Mercantilism
Haitian Revolutionary leader Toussaint LÓuverture
Two Latin Revolutionary Leaders Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín
Two Mexican Revolutionary Leaders Manuel Zapata, Pancho Villa
The people on top of the social pyramid in Latin America Peninsulares
The labor system that was forced on the native population in Latin America Encomienda system
When you have strong pride in your country Nationalism
People who are of mixed ancestry in Latin America Mestizos/ Mulattoes
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