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OT Survey Pt. 2

Test 3

What 4 types of promises did God give to Abraham? personal, national, universal, unconditional
God's personal promise was to whom only? Abram
God's national promise was to whom only? Israel
God's universal promise was to whom? all mankind
The fulfillment of God's unconditional promise depends on what? God alone
Did Abraham obey immediately? Yes
What demonstrated Abraham's faith? His obedience
Altars are places of what 3 things? confession, communion, calling
means "shoulder" Sichem
The altar located where was God's promises of land? Sichem
The altar located in what two places was where Abraham had built his second altar? Bethel and Hai
means "house of God" Bethel
a physical appearance of God theophany
What was the reason of departure? famine
T/F: The place of God's leading became the place of God's testing. T
What was the request of Sarah? To lie
Did Abraham's lie/plan work, where Sarah was concerned? No
God asked Abraham to leave what three things? his country, his kindred, his father's house
means "fatness" Mamre
means "fellowship" Hebron
means "righteous" Melchizedek
means "God hears" Ishmael
means "princess" Sarah
means "MY princess" Sarai
means "father of many nations" Abraham
means "Almighty God," "All-Sufficient Satisfier" El Shaddai
What was the sign of God's covenant with Abraham? circumcision
Who were the 3 visitors that came to Abraham? 2 angels and the LORD
What mountain did Abraham go to slay his son? Mount Mariah
What was the substitutionary atonement? victory of faith
How old was Sarah when she died? 127
How old was Abraham when he died? 175
What was the name of Abraham's second wife? Katura
Were both Ishmael and Isaac at Abraham's funeral? Yes
means "hairy;red" Esau
means "plain; supplanter; deceiver; con-man" Jacob
the honor from the father and the privilege from God birthright
means "tender-eyed" Leah
means "younger, yet beautiful" Rachel
the father of Aaron the priest Levi
How many years in total does Jacob work for Laban? 20
What image/idol was stolen from Laban and by whom? teraphim; Rachel
means "Face of God" Peniel
means "Prince of God" Israel
the descendants of Esau Edomites
Joseph's coat was a sign of what? Authority
What three things was Joseph tested in in Egypt? his character, patience, faith in God
Joseph was renamed what? "Savior of the World"
means "forgotten" Manasseh
means "fruitful" Ephraim
the origin of the Latin Vulgate's term "Exodus" Septuagint
the purpose and theme of the book of Exodus redemption
the end of Egyptian bondage and the beginning of a covenant people Exodus
Israel is where in Exodus 1-12? Egypt
Israel is where in Exodus 13-18? wilderness
Israel is where in Exodus 19-40? Sinai
How many years was the time from Jacob's arrival to the exodus? 430 years
In Genesis the Hebrew people are _______ ; in Exodus they are ________ . favored; slaves
3 key words to understand Exodus covenant, conflict, committment
means "drawn from" Moses
How long did Moses live for? 120 years
the parents of Moses Amram & Jochebed
means "stranger" Gersham
means "He is my help" Eliezar
Moses's wife Zipporah
The 10 plagues were over a period of how long? a few months
10 plagues in order water to blood, frogs, lice, flies, disease on livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, firstborns die
How long did the darkness plague last for? 3 days
The Passover is mentioned where in the Bible? Exodus 12
What year do people say the exodus of the Israelites occurred? 1446 BC
means "a wall or border" Shur
means "the place of bitter water" Marra
What were the 3 trials at Rephidim? Trial of water, war, work
Commandments 1-4 represent what? Our relationship with God
Commandments 5-10 represent what? Our relationship with man
Which commandment is the protection of the heart? 10th
means "to pitch a tent" tabernacle
a place of washing Laver
What were the 6 requirements of the Passover? male of 1 year, no physical blemishes, examined and tested, killed before twilight, blood applied, flesh roasted with fire
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