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History Exam 1

Talmud teachings about the Torah and record of Jewish law.
monotheism belief that there is only one God; became the basis for Islam and Christianity.
Assyrians and Chaldeans wanted Canaan for control of trade routes through it.
exile being forced to live in a foreign country.
Ten Commandments formed the basic moral laws of many nations.
Solomon king who built the temple in Jerusalem.
Hanukkah commemorates the cleansing of the temple by the Maccabees.
Israel name given to the descendants of Jacob; means "one who struggles with God."
Nebuchadnezzar Chaldean king who captured Jerusalem and exiled 10,000 Jews.
Sabbath weekly day of worship and rest for Jews.
Herodotus "the father of history."
Lighthouse at Alexandria one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.
Zeus chief god of the Greeks.
Alexander the Great built one of the greatest cities of the ancient world and named it after himself.
Euripedes dramatist who questioned traditional thinking about war.
Demosthenes tried to warn the Athenians that Philip 2 was a threat to them.
Socrates taught that absolute right and wrong did exist.
Epicurus taught that happiness, the goal of life, came from spending time with friends.
Aristophanes wrote plays that poked fun at politicians.
Euclid studied how points, lines, angles, and planes relate to one another.
Shang dynasty ruled over the Huang He valley.
Silk Road a network of trade routes that extended form China to southwest Asia.
Legalism taught that people needed harsh laws and punishment to make them live rightly.
Huang He River flows from Mongolia to the Pacific Ocean.
Great Wall Qin built and extended it to keep out the Xiongnu.
filial piety practice that requires children to respect their parents and older relatives.
censors made sure that government officials did their jobs.
Han Wudi drove the Xiongnu back into the Gobi Desert.
Qin used a large cavalry force to conquer their neighbors and set up a new dynasty.
Confucius taught that people should put family and community needs above their own.
What crops did the Egyptians grow? wheat, barley, and flax seeds.
Who was the warrior-farmer anointed king by the prophet Samuel? Saul.
Who was sentenced to death for his teachings? Socrates.
This raja conquered weak kingdoms left by Alexander the Great’s leaving. Chandragupta Maurya.
Which river empties into the Arabian Sea? Indus River.
How much of China’s land is good for farming? 1/10.
Created by: S730503