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unit three

vocab and questions

magisterial teaching the task of the magisterium is to proclaim the Gospel, build up the christian love and service, and see the proper administration of the sacraments
eucmenical councils such councils bring the pope and bishops together to offer unified teachings
infallibility when it comes to essential matters of faith and morals, church is free from error.
chronos earth time
communion of saints triumphant suffering pilgrim
eschatology study of last things
hierarchy bishop- preist- deacon-consecrated life- laity
kairos undetermined time for an event
marks of the church one catholic church apastolic
purgatory between death and heaven
Resurrection of the body when christ comes again the most blessed trinity will raise our bodies which will be made incorrupt and will rejoin our souls
makes a person a member of the church baptized christians who accept jesus as lord and saivor- accept the entire system of salvation christ left the church- continue christ's work of salvation
3 ministries of christ priestly: offering yourself with chirst in his sacrifice to the father (sanctifying) prophetic: becoming witnesses of chirst's truth to the world (teaching) kingly: serving those in need (governing)
one its source: the unity of the father sun and spirit on one god. the unity can never be broken and lost because the foundation itself is unbreakable
sacraments performed by bishops, priests, and deacons all sacraments- bishop everything eccept holy orders- priests baptism, matrimony, eucharist- deacons
7 saraments and if they are initiation healing or vocation baptism- initiation reconciliation- healing eucharist- initiation confirmation- initiation matrimony- vocation anointing of the sick- healing holy orders- vocation
3 groups of communion of saints suffering triumphant pilgrim
chronos vs. kairos chronos means earth time and kairos means indertermided time for an event
cathlic 1- christ is present in the church in th efullness of his body with the fullness of teh means of salvation the fullness of faith, sacraments, and the ordained ministry that comes from the apostles 2- she takes the message of salvation to all people
holy jesus is the founder of teh church. he is hole and joined the church to himself as his body and gave the church the gift of the holy spirit. together christ and the church makes up the "whole christ"
apostolic the church's mission comes from jesus . he told teh apostles to go spread the word which guides us back to jesus
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