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Americas Study Guide

Olmec Known for sculpting monumental heads from stone
maize most important crop to the survival of early Americans
Mesoamerica The area that stretches south from central Mexico to northern Honduras
Zapotec Civilization located in present day Oaxaca, that built temples and developed an early form of a hieroglyphic writing system.
Nazca Lines Drawings of animals, plants, humans, and geometric shapes etched on the plains of southeastern Peru
Mexico In what present-day land do archaeologists believe the first Americans built an advanced civilization?
Moche Archaeologists have learned a lot about the ________ civilization through its pottery that depicted scenes of everyday life.
Zapotec, Aztec, Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Teotihuacan Civilizations of Mesoamerica
Nazca and Moche Civilizations that created ancient irrigation ditches in the Andes
codex Bark-paper book written on by the Maya
planets, sun, and moon They Maya based their calendar on careful observation of what?
Allowed an exchange of traditions and ideas Why was trade important to ancient American civilizations?
"mother culture" a civilization that influences neighbors and later civilizations; the Olmec are an example
Chavin Civilization of Peru that established patterns that became the basis for later civilizations
Triple Alliance In 1428, the Aztecs joined with two other city-states to form this
Mita tribute of labor that the Inca demanded from its subjects
Aztecs Used conquered people for human sacrifice
Pachacuti Under this leader, the Inca expanded rapidly
noble class in Aztec society military leaders, government officials, and priests
military force and diplomacy Methods used by the Ina to add territory to their empire
socialism The Incan system of government was similar to this type of government
Teotihaucan First major civilization of central Mexico
Montezuma II's reduction of tribute payment Did not help to unify and protect the Aztec civilization. Resentment continued to grow.
skilled engineers One way the Romans and Inca were similar
Tikal Important Maya city
glyphs Used in the Maya writing system
decline of the Maya Happened several hundred years before the Spanish arrived in the Americas
Quetzalcoatl Depicted as a feathered serpent
Popol Vuh Maya story about creation of the world
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