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Africa Study Guide


Adulis center of trade in Aksum
Nok West Africa's earliest known culture
Bantu "the people"
west-central region location of Africa's rain forests
savannas grassy plains
Sahel "coastline" of the Sahara
Christianity King Ezana established it as the official religion of Aksum
push-pull factors reasons for migration
Swahilib Developed from a mixture of Arabic and Bantu languages
trade Portugal's initial interest in Africa mostly concerned what?
Muslim reformers The original Almohads and Almoravids were both what?
language patterns One way historians can trace the patterns of migration
animism Its followers believe spirits play an important role in regulating dailylife
Great Zimbabwe City that controlled trade routes and was the economic, politial, and religious center of an empire.
Songhai People that broke away from mali's empire and gained control of the all-important trade routes.
Sundiata Mali's first great leader
Ghana It's rulers grew rich by taxing the goods traders carried through their territory
West African Iron Age It was unusual because West Africa did not go through a Copper or Bronze Age
griots The role of a historian is similar to the role of a _______ in West African society.
Muslim state Between 800 and 1500, a ______ was found in the Maghrib.
matrilineal A society where children trace their ancestors through the mothers
Sofala Kilwa seized the port of ______ to control the overseas trade of gold from southern Africa.
Hausa They never built an empire because there was frequent fighting among the city-states.
Sundiata Who helped the Mali Empire grow powerful and wealthy by promoting agriculture and reestablishing the gold-salt trade.
conquest and trade Islam spread throughout Africa through what?
Portuguese Their attitude toward the Mutapa Empire can be described as meddlesome.
age-set system The duties and roles associated with varying ages
Hausa were located on important trade routes
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