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Rev. Figures

AP World

Thomas Hobbes Founder of modern political philosophy.
Thomas Hobbes Strong central government (1 leader at the top)
Thomas Hobbes Absolutism
Thomas Hobbes Leader should deserve all respect, and people don’t rebel against him
John Locke Every person should have “Life, Liberty, Property”
John Locke Anti-divine right of kings, People should elect those in power
John Locke People should have certain personal freedoms
John Locke Philosopher
Nicholas Copernicus Polish
Nicholas Copernicus Mathematician, Astronomer
Nicholas Copernicus Heliocentric theory-Sun is the center of the universe
Galileo Galilei Italian
Galileo Galilei Charged as a heretic
Galileo Galilei Mathematics of motion
Galileo Galilei Confirm Heliocentric theory
Galileo Galilei Invents the Telescope
Oliver Cromwell British Well educated Military and Political Leader wanting change in the Feudal system Fighting in the name of God
Baron de Montesquieu French Political thinker
Baron de Montesquieu Believes a government should have a separation of powers.
Baron de Montesquieu Known for giving the name Feudal System to the old structure of society
Napoleon Bonaparte French military leader during the French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte Named himself Emperor of France
Napoleon Bonaparte Working till he conquers parts outside of France
Napoleon Bonaparte Working his way up from a young age within the military
King Louis XVI King of France Very weak ruler, Unpopular with the citizens
King Louis XVI Comes to power during disruption of power in France He is very out of touch with the common people of France Captured and beheaded
Marie Antoinette Spoiled, out of touch with poor People say she is the cause of the French Revolution, due to her expensive spendings Dominating over the King, and influencing him
Maximilien Robespierre French Lawyer Believed in the equality of all people
Maximilien Robespierre As French Rev continues, he becomes the main executioner for the king Known for his Reign of terror-send 1,000’s of people to death
Pierre Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture Haitian Slave Rises up and challenges the French Gov. to get independence for Haiti.
Pierre Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture Frees all slaves of Haiti Haiti becomes an independant country.
Simon Bolivar Was born in South America Works to get Latin American countries free from Spain.
Simon Bolivar Leader of Revolution from Spain Leader and establishes country of Columbia Established country of Bolivia
Benjamin Disraeli First Jewish Prime Minister of Great Britain
Karl Marx German Wrote Communist Manifesto (with Friedrich Angles)
Karl Marx Countries should run by the working people Dies alone
Alexis de Tocqueville French Lawyer Fascinated by prison reform
Otto von Bismarck Prime Minister of Prussia and Chancellor of Germany Unites German states
Otto von Bismarck Establishes Germany as first modern European welfare state and creates accident insurance and pensions for elderly
William I King of Prussia, and Emperor of Germany.
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