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Terms and Names

Chapter 6

Geocentric Theory The earth is in the center of the Universe.
Scientific Revoulution A new way too look at the Natural world.
Helicentric theory The Sun is in the center of the Universe.
Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei made the first ever telescope.
Scientific Method The Scientific method is a procedure for gathering Data and testing ideas.
Enlightment A movement that challenged the reasons and thought and the power of every person to solve problems.
Social Contract It is an agreement that limits the power of each person.
John Locke John Locke studied the human body
Philosophes A group of thinkers in France during the Enlightment
Voltaire A brilliant and influential philosophes in France.
Montesquieu She studied the goverment.
Rousseau He studied the rights of the people
Mary Wollstonecraft she wrote an essay talking about the right of women.
Salons They are rich women that talks about how smart they are and drinks tea while having a disscusion.
Baroque It characterized paintings and music.
Neoclassical It separate the arts and music in Europe
Enlightened despots They wanted to rule fairly but they didnt want direct democaracy.
Catherine the Great She exchanged words with Voltaire
Declaration of Independence Life, liberty, pursuit of happines
Thomas Jefferson He made the Declaration of independence
Checks and balances A rule that balances the power of
Federal System The federal system is the one that divided the power between the federal government and state government.
Bill of rights The bill of rights is the first right that protected the people.
Created by: Vince Adlao