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SSC Egypt OK

Egyptian daily life in the old kingdom

What would the "Book of the Dead" be an example of? Primary Source
What was the great stone tomb built for the pharaoh called? pyramid
Who was the all powerful leader of Egypt? pharaoh
What is an embalmed body wrapped in cloth strips? mummy
Who is an appointed government official ? bureaucrat
What is a line of rulers from the same family ? dynasty
What did the Egyptians invent to stop the pharaohs body from decomposing? embalming
When a leader is in charge of both politics and religion they are called a _________ leader. theocratic
The Egyptians interest in mummification led them to publish books in this field medicine
What are 2 reasons Egyptians willingly followed their pharaoh? unity came from a strong leader and the leader was a god
What is a mummy an example of? fossil
What kind of government did Egypt create? monarchy
Which group within the social class pyramid was the largest? farmers and workers
How is Egyptian religion tied to agriculture? they believed gods controlled all things in nature
A pharaoh is an example of which style of government? monarchy
What purpose did the bureaucrats serve to the pharaoh? to carry out his orders
Why did the people mummify the pharaoh? They believed in the afterlife the pharaoh would continue to protect Egypt
Why were pyramids built? To protect the dead pharaohs body
Define Hieroglphics The Egyptian writing system that uses symbols and pictures
papyrus a reed plant used to make a paper like writing product
cataract wild rapids or waterfalls found on the Nile River
delta the place where the river splits into smaller streams and empties into the Mediterranean Sea.
What was the importance of joining the two kingdoms under Narmer? unified Egypt under one ruler strengthening the civilization
What was used to place the heavy stone block in place when building the pyramids? ramps
Which pharaoh was the Great Pyramid of Egypt built for? Khufu
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