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WH test 3

Was India a capitalist society in the 18th century? There was capitalism (proto capitalism) but it was NOT a capitalist society
Why did India fail to industrialize? British conquest and prior breakdown of Mughal empire
In what century were almost all of Africa and Asia under colonial rule? 20th
What is indirect rule? It relied on the cooperation of local elites
What is direct rule? local elites were replaced with a new set of officials recruited from the mother country
What kind of rule did India have? Direct rule
What kind of rule did Nigeria have? Indirect rule
In the 18th century what 3 countries each owned 23% of the world's GDP India, China, and Europe
In the 19th century whose share of the world's GDP began to rapidly rise? Europe
What happened during the 19th century that caused the significant decline of the East? Industrial Revolution and Further Imperialist Expansion
What century did tea imports increase? Late 18th
When was the suppression of opium trade 1836
When did the Opium war start? 1839
When was the Nanjing treaty signed? 1842
What year did Aurangzeb die 1707
What did India start exporting and importing Exporter: cotton Importer: cloth
What percentage of the population was the elite and what percentage of the wealth did they control 5% of the population and 30% of the wealth
What percentage of the population was the lower class 80%
When did the North German confederation begin 1860's
When did Southern Germany join the condeferation 1871
When was Italy united 1860's-1870's
When was the Lousiana Purchase 1803
When was the War against mexico 1846
Who made up the central powers Germany and Austria-Hungary
Who made up the allied powers Britain, France, and Russia
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